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Python scraping and PD GEM

I found a workaround for “streaming webcams into PD gem, a Python script downloads an image every second, and the same time  the PD patch refreshes the image every second. It’s not smooth framerate but it’s live.



Data to music using Algorithmic Composer and PD.  This time I used global deforestation data, after a bit of scraping and some very worrying figures regarding the future of our forests. Data from here:,

I chose 4 data rows, one for my home country Romania, the other three were the countries with the highest deforestation data (big numbers work well with Algorithmic Composer). In future I’ll try to develop on the idea, maybe to incorporate visualizations as well, or if I find some live data


web scraping


While trying to figure out how to scrape I did a search on Google and found this site

It’s a free Chrome browser extension and does pretty much what scraperwiki does. There’s a nice tutorial al well.

I did a small exercise in tone with the Monday lecture, scraped some earthquake data, most recent quakes in my home country.

More tests to come regarding the functions of the program.