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Recycling – the interactive video


What do you know about recycling? A way of saving potentially useful materials from waste? Or a way of understanding how people differentiate trashes? Or…?

RECYCLING (CLICK TO PLAY) is a mini game I made to simply provide the experience for one of our current environmental concerns.

Instead of documenting my work in a traditional video format, which is a medium for audience to explore on the screen, I plan to add an extra feature for them to interact with those animated pieces they see on their screen. Hence, I challenge myself to publish Recycling onto the online sphere, where you will find it on the URL above, the rest of it is up to you to finish the story in your way.

Want to prove yourself as a nature lover? Why not play the game, score the full scores, and reach level 3 or 4. There will be a reward for you.

As a mini game, as an interactive video, I could not only see things frame as frame, but also experience back the idea as an inspiration for another new aged idea ten years later during my lifelong creative career.

(If you cannot play it, please let me know.)

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