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pathway of thinking and rethinking

Over the long period of studying creative art practice so far, in addition to the common knowledge we have studied or studying (defamilliarise, reflective, having a workbook, etc) , i have already developed my own particular thoughts about how to produce a creative idea and how to achieve. now i just write down the pathway of thinking and rethinking which i have explored and changing. the first thing i thought about is there are lots of different ways to make a ideal project (which require interpret perfectly what you want to show others.) but it needs several steps and stages. the first i think is how to have the productive and creative ideas. we can look through more classic and successful examples, to understand the rationale behind this then have a look at how to make that, then to think if you want to do that in you own way, how can you achieve that? what the appearance of the result? and what can you learn from this?  the question is the thing you more interest in is the project result itself or the processing you will be engaging in? what knowledge and skills you need to learn to contribute your projects? But in fact, i could write over thousands of, even countless questions about the creative ideas product or the methodologies. probably it could help others. but after the contemplation, i found those questions could be entailed but it seems lose a most important thing in psychology way : every time i recall the processes of how creative ideas take place in my mind, i found there is a very necessary procedure, which is very vital before you have got an idea, which is “trigger”. and from my own perspective, trigger seems very easy to comprehend but also is mysterious. actually, trigger is not difficult thing to gain for everyone if one have senses about reality. for an exaggerate example, one day you walked on the street and suddenly you find there was a large crowd people gathering around something, you really want to have a look at whats happened. then you go ahead but the people is too many, you cant find a way to go through. after a moment, you get a little annoying yourself, then you think how about there is a big monster can grasp and hold yourself on his shoulder, you can see what was going on easily. so what is the trigger in this thing? the crowded of people? from the mental insight, i don’t think so. because if that person just feel annoying then go away, the creative ideas will not happen forever. In this example, the trigger actually take place by the instant activity in psychology in that person. it is imagination. this sort of psychological activity, imagination, is really important, i think which is the most important thing in creative ideas. it even can leave the reality and produce itself. actually we can have creative ideas only by imagination. everyone have imaginations if he or she is a human being. then how to use the imagination is the following thing. we could give the imagination a direction, then we can produce creative ideas in the way we want it to develop. for example, interaction between people and machine, we could limit it and then to imagine it after we saw some examples.  just cut the line and let the imagination kite fly totally freely in sky. i’m a person who really like imagination, i’m living my own realm produced by my mind. before i found the creative ideas need a trigger and  in some degree it is the imagination,i felt very dizziness because i totally don’t know how can i make creations. so after i found them, i feel very comfortable and easy. then i have produced a lot of creative practice ideas posted on the categories of “sparkle ideas”. readers can find it in this blog.   the next step is how to achieve that creative idea? turn them into reality? i think which the problem i encounter with now.  i will put it in the another blog text called pathway of thinking and rethinking (2) later. thanks for you read!!!