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summarize my programming and technologies study

in this semester, i have learned some useful and helpful technological knowledge, so in this post, i will first make some conclusion of them, then show a list of all of them and attach a hyperlink to each of study for other to look around.

what i want to say here just the amount of things i have been worked is much more than what i have put into this blog. Because i am no good at exhaustively showing all my content of studying and how i am thinking and investigating to others. After i has formed a concept, it is just hard for me to remember how this developing ( i am sorry!). Because generally, if i really concentrate to one point, i tend to ignore other things, let alone putting this kind of pathway into blog. and sometimes the pattern of your brain operating is hard to translate out to let others know.

so lots of my posts that shows what i have done today looks a little bit simple even i have tied my best, here i just want you to know the actual engagement i have done is deeper and harder than it appears.

here is content of my studying through this semester: (click the different number)

processing: study: 1,2,3,4,

processing and faceosc

troubleshoot processing

studyresult1, studyresult2


3D technology: 1, iclone, maya, maya2, java, unity, iclone5, photoshop.

article i read: 1, 2.




problems with processing

the materials i read…


i read some articles recommended by John Bowers from an email that i ask for him to some helps in rotten face project.

a workbook is helpful to our design and development.

and also i know in this semester i need to develop my own purpose of projects, these days so i do a research in Internet and found media lab, where is >an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology devoted to projects at the convergence of technologymultimediasciencesart and design. Staff and students have backgrounds ranging from electrical engineering and computer science to sociology and music and others” 

once i was interested in attending this lab, but it requires really professional and advanced technologies.

i am interested in those fantastic project. such as

“spiderVision extends the human field of view to augment a user’s awareness of things happening eg behind one’s back. SpiderVision leverages a front and back camera to enable users to focus on the front view while employing intelligent interface techniques to cue the user about activity in the back view. the extended back view can be blended in when for instance the scene captured by the back camera is analyzed to be dynamically changing. in this project, we explore factors that affect the blended extension, such as view abstraction and blending area.”



those projects in media lab, is benefit for better quality of life and quiet professional. it seems easy but the production of process is rather complex. i think they can directly be sent into industry and sold out.


these days i look through all the group.



i have read lots of projects in this website, which give me a general impression about what elements that transdisplinary projects envolve in addition to what we have learned in this course. now i could use that pattern help me develop my own concepts.

what i learned today in class

What happened today is that two lecturers came and gave a show of their previous project, one dealing with improvising music with interaction from the audience, the other—-Sorry I can’t remember.

Then they asked us to set up groups and each group did a “brief” to a theme called “Designing for Crime”. For each brief there should be several elements within: The rationale, the concept and then how to realize it. For me and Edmund, what we did is to make a catharsis environment for a participant, with equipment connecting to his or her pulse, brainwaves or strength of fists, so that his or her anger or hatred can be visualized on a screen. We tried to simulate disasters on the screen according to his change of these physical indicator. So after this, his negative emotions about the crimes can be released and minimized.

One other group did something related to music, which meant to transferred sound of guns or other violent noise into music. Another group spent times to analyse the motivation of crimes but didn’t come up with a realization of it yet.

The main topic about this lecture is to teach us how to make strategies for creative practice. The two most important points as the two lecturers emphasized are: Being responsive and, trying to de-familiarize.