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The Quiet Walk, how to compile Pure data with externals, in embedded applications using ofxPD

The implementation of externals has been a real trick.
All the forums seems to deal with people that are advanced programmers, ignoring inexperienced like me.
The information i grasped from spending several hours on forums seems to address to this procedure.

As the externals are not part of the standard distribution of PD vanilla, they need to be compiled on the phone before being usable.
The external should be already available as a .c file to be added in one of the Xcode project folders.
For example, i put my externals in my branch of ofxpd, in order to make them available for other projects.

The file to modify in order to build this external is the main .c of pure data (called m_pd.c) adding the following code at the very end of the file (after void pd_init):

void mess_init(void);

void obj_init(void);

void conf_init(void);

void glob_init(void);

void garray_init(void);

void extras_init(void);

void pd_init(void)









void extras_init() {

fiddle_tilde_setup(); //fiddle~ is the name of the external


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