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Fancying things up with InDesign

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My motivation for taking the Sub-Editing and Design module was fairly utilitarian – I was hoping that having a bit more formal experience in this area would help me to get jobs in the future. Hopefully creative jobs, but still, I didn’t anticipate that it would benefit my broader practice quite as much as some of the other modules. Almost the opposite turned out to be true. Having a tutor around with a good knowledge of InDesign, and a practical purpose to put it towards, I’ve definitely come a long way with the software since working on Middle Spirits.

How to get text to follow the edge of a shape, how to crop images to precise shapes, make text transparent, arrange images in less crude ways than WordPress and Microsoft Word allow, etc. These are all pretty low-grade skills on the Creative Arts scale (or at least, not the kind to be the driving force of a big creative project), but so far they’ve allowed me to improve the basic standard of presentation in several pieces of coursework and job applications. Say goodbye to crummy word docs, and hello to snazzy pdfs!

Here are a selection of images from the magazine re-design I’ll be turning in on Friday, plus some screenshots of other things that ended up looking much nicer thanks to a good working knowledge of InDesign:


Sub-Editing for Magazines

front cover v1

This module took a while to get interesting, but we’re finally onto the good stuff. Spent the last week or two doing editing exercises (take 4000 words of news copy, cut it down into a 650 word article, that kind of thing) and messing around with InDesign. The task is to take an existing publication and redesign it in some way, so I’m going with Gamesradar+ Magazine. Here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve got so far:

I needed a gimmick, and doing an ‘under the radar’ version of Gamesradar for the ‘hidden gems’ of this year’s game releases. Not 100% sold on the green, but if I can find the right shade it might made for a good way to redefine the colourscheme.

The focus of the project is the design of the pages, rather than the articles themselves, so we can source the articles from anywhere. So I figured, why not create more work by writing them myself? That way I can get some of that sweet games journalism cred as well as design cred. Fingers-crossed this is going to make a pretty good addition to my general-purpose portfolio of stuff.

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