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Welcome to Newcastle—-A City of Sanctuary

Full ideas can be found here:

Action plan:

1. Apply the Funding from the Arts Council England

2. Liaise Newcastle University’s Robinson Library, Fine Art Department in the School of Arts and Cultures,  School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, City of Sanctuary (a charity)’s School of Sanctuary Initiative in Newcastle city, and Newcastle’s City Council to implement the scheme.

3. Create a proper visiting plan for refugees, the identity cards, the afterwards interview, the settling, the feedback, the tracking record for their future status after the visit, with excellent event management skills

The Special Collection Case @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.



In order to let the <20th Century Pamphlets> (the name of one special collection in the library) souvenirs be clearly noticed by the visitors, including the bookmarks, the brochures and the postcards. It would be helpful if each of the three glass boards is moved up until the top one reaches the ceiling of the case. Then Unload the top one and reload it above the ground of the case in a position where it can separate the current layout on the ground floor, and the ones going to be exhibited, namely, the Prototype. Thus the Prototype will be shown on the new second floor counting from the ground.









The current structure makes it easy to adjust due to its flexible assembly on the wall. Simply pull it out and then plug into a proper height following the instructions above.



PRECISION is what has been pursued.




One most important thing is lost:



Are Pigs Human Beings’ Best Friends?

People in different countries have diverse taste towards animals, take pigs for example:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Generally Germans like pigs or as they call it Schwein. pigs represent luck (gluecklichkeit). Pigs enjoy relatively easy life before they are slaughtered, and they comprise the most delicious food

—-Knowledge from being as a student in Goethe Institut, Pekin, whose role is a cultural communication institution worldwide, representing the resplendence of Germany

However, totally on the contrary, generally Chinese don’t like pigs as they regard them as being stubborn, stupid and dirty.

Nonetheless, if one ignores these cultural differences, one may easily make a wrong judgement towards a MTV and its lyrics, and this raise challenges to the company such as Youtube, since online bullying may easily happen. Though Youtube is not a company which generates these insults, the streaming media technology actually ignites their happening, or at least, provides a channel and a possibility.

A cautious stance should be taken towards technology.

1644 In-Situ: Homeoffice

Image from:

Above WAS what happened in Far East. Here, <Far East> is used to show a geographically European centred perspective. The reason lies that the server of this blog is currently provided by a European country and its institution.

This may be what happens to Newcastle:

A. D. 1644/04/25——a day to be remembered.

Recommended reading:


Strength to Be Continued

珠算申遗催火算盘收藏 黄花梨算盘要价近20万


It’s been more than half century when the computer, or the way to accord human being’s ability to calculation with the electronic device started to develop.

Compared to the binary system which is based upon the physically relatively unchangeable condition, decimal system is a learned rule in the human beings’ evolutionary process (Evolution is a borrowed word here to make this sentence finish, and it can definitely be attacked.)

However, what is surprising is that ever since the ancient times, Chinese has already been quite used to the Octal system, which seems to be more approaching to the current computing science. The secret lies in a toy called Suanpan. It follows the rule that once reaching 8, it will add 1 to the next digital. It is numerically more similar to the computing process by machines.

Thus the stereotype that the agricultural civilization behind the invention of Suanpan is not in accordance with the modern technology is destroyed.

One can maintain the essence of such civilization, whilst at the same time embrace the modern technology.

The strength is going to be continued.

This is to memorize the success that Zhusuan–the calculating rule based upon Suanpan has been reported and accredited as the intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

This is also to memorize the insistence as to maintain the essence of such a civilization–the GOOD SIDE of it, and the confidence of promoting it to the world.

Here is to record.

Reference (leave a message for the translation):

Ethnic Groups, Balance, and Gravity


Woolen Yarn balls inspired by: Imperial Qing Dynasty, Manchu, Flag Head, Hairstyle (Qitou)


As this style is not only visually special, the groups who choose to wear it should also at least bear two things in mind: The ability to resisting gravity, and the skill to keeping balanced.

This is, in the author’s opinion, the core issues to be considered in making a good structure.


In this style, the more the decorative elements are added, such as jade or hairpins, the more difficult it is to keep it balanced, as those materials are not homogeneous which adds troubles to calculating and making equations.

Keeping an object balanced does not necessarily mean keeping it visually identical in both sides, left and right.  Asymmetric design is a solution to meet the resistance requirement, while at the same time make the balance status in a more versatile way.

The beautiful may exist in one of these balanced statues.


Moreover, the two yarn balls grow in different lengths in the object, each one knitted by a weaving iron needle with different strengths (in terms of materials).  The stronger one is coordinated with the smaller ball (shorter yarn), while the softer one with the bigger ball (longer yarn).

It is hard to say which part lasts longer, because of this arrangement, and there is a tendency that the softer wins because it extends, spatially longer, which in Chinese called 以柔克刚/柔弱胜刚强.

However, as existing in this integral object, being long enough is not enough itself. As has been said before, the resistance against gravity, and the integral balance should be taken into account.

Thus the better way is to develop both parts, the smaller ball and the stronger ball, and to design/combine them in a holistic way. The description called 刚柔相济 best suits this situation.

Here is to start the discussion of asymmetric design and aesthetics.


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