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Exhibition Documentation

Here is a extended documentation  on my installation. Thanks to everyone involved

Python scraping and PD GEM

I found a workaround for “streaming webcams into PD gem, a Python script downloads an image every second, and the same time  the PD patch refreshes the image every second. It’s not smooth framerate but it’s live.


I’m using pix_data to get pixel data from video, and use that to trigger sound effects using bang!

LEP revisited

I guess using your heartbeat to control the pitch an oscillator will result in a degree of randomness. I can live with that.


GEM sequence

Last weeks homework for Live Electronic Performance, as we didn’t have time in the lecture, here it is: PD, pix_multiimage, blend and small homage to Luis Bunuel.

Clean-up operation


Time to start cleaning my PD patches, make everything nice and well laid out, time to think of the visual styling of the patch as well as its functionality.


something to play with


Started playing with Pure Data, first tutorials etc, meanwhile I found this. All I need is some interesting data..