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Ghibli FanFiction Stage 2


Working with Kinect in Processing (supervised by Tom Schofield), and he now finally can listen to my hand’s response. You rock! This is what I like about you ススワタリ, always hard working.

I will going to capture and send you to Pure Data in the next Stage. You will carry the X and Y coordinates for me, won’t you?  Trust me, you’ll be fine. All you have to do is to bang a Bang in Pure Data, then you can meet all your pals there in the boiler room. This time Kamaji won’t be there so don’t worry.

Alright. Good luck to both of us.

Dissertation project development: Stage 1



Stage 1:

Ghibli FanFiction ジブリファンフィクション practice in progress. Sacrificing space just for the first setup with projector. No more bed to sleep, but worth trying.

Stage 2 plan:

- Try replacing the current webcam with a Kinect. Advised by Dr. Tom Schofield.

- Try physical build up for connecting the relationship between the virtual Ghibli world and human interaction together, which is the original concept: to be in and experience the place.

- Fix technical bugs in Pure Data.

- Get the cardboard sheets to make the physical objects in the virtual Ghibli world.

- ……………………

Documenting the work

Art with PD


Great work from Komatsu Shimei‎. PD rocks!

Demo URL.

Diamond in the rough (Bathhouse)


Diamond in the rough (The Bathhouse) | Live Electronic Performance project


Inspired by Dr. Ben Freeth’s work (Decoded in discovery museum). Ben advised me to combine Arduino and Puredata together to have some fun.


Bathhouse in Miyazaki’s best film Spirited Away is the place to start. The place for gods to come and take a bath. Place where spirits meet. This led me to the decision to use the fog maker (inspired by Ben).

A design in small aquarium is the result of this approach. Aquarium gravel and rocks are the main needed materials for the mystic view design. Combing with simple chords writing from logic pro, I designed a simple music box with carton and letter envelopes, then covered the theme song from the film.


Simply testing with sound data sending from Arduino to Puredata. Use all fresh skills I learned from Professor John Bowers’s live electronic performance module and Dr. Tom Schofield’s Arduino sessions.


Secret of Robinson Library (Pd & Arduino)


The Secret (click to see)

Have you ever wondered about something that is very difficult to explain? Do you believe that there are always mystery or secret instead of only its common appearance?

Do you believe that there are two moons in this world? Do you agree with Murakami that “things may look different to you than they did before. But don’t let appearances fool you. There’s always only one reality” (Murakami, 2009)?

By looking back to some stills from the handphone, combining Pure Data and Arduino together, with LEDs diamond as the secret detector, you are now able to capture the unrevealed frequencies that no-one could ever see or could ever hear. The secret behind in our quiet Robinson Library is waiting for you to discover in the URL above.


Murakami, H (2009). 1Q84 Book 1 いちきゅうはちよん 第1部. Tokyo: Shinchosha.

The Necklace Harp in C


Ever wondered about the spirit? Ever treated an instrument as a dead object? Or ever believed that an instrument also has a spirit within itself?


Once upon a time, there was a wearable instrument called the Necklace Harp (click to see). As it was titled, the harp is an instrument itself which plays different sets of pieces in a composition of  frequencies. Together with the daily life experience of the person who wears, the harp combines its own variations with the surrounding nature sounds from frog’s voices to bird’s love messages into a single tune.

Starting with the blood pressure when one is wearing the necklace harp, the higher the blood pressure he has, the faster the tempo becomes.

During the four beats, by passing through the four arteries, the anger, the apathy, the calm, and the happiness, the blood generate various patterns of moods, which makes up life.

The necklace harp also works the same way as human body while we also react to what we see and hear from the outside world. One of the most obvious clues is that one usually starts moving his body and starts dancing when hearing some background beats on the street he is wandering through.

More about Necklace Harp? Please see the URL above.

Looking at Pure Data

Arduino Layout

We ha a look at controlling Pure Data with Arduino.
Ben gave us the OSCuino library and files and we connected potentionmeters to the Arduino via a breadboard.

The Arduino code that was uploaded to the board allowed for serial communication from the board to Pure Data.
The potentiometers allowed control of the faders that are seen in the picture.

By using the ‘Send’ and ‘Receive’ commands I was able to control aspects of other Pure Data patches that I was able to create, such as:

The BPM control of a drum machine.


and multiple faders on a synthesiser.

Practice Project 13: Exhibition Documentation

The work was exhibited at Culture Lab, Newcastle, as part of the CAP group’s first exhibition –

MA Creative Arts Practice (2013-2014)
Degree Show
“The most brilliant students in all CAP history present a set of interactive works about self-awareness and transition.”
Culture Lab
Newcastle University
23rd-26th September
Private View
22th Sept, 17.30 – 19.30

Chamber of Consciousness feedback –

Room for improvement however would be perhaps trying new ways of wearing the sensor, such as the ear clip, as people were often pressing too hard on the sensor preventing it from working. Another observation was that the interactive work would be more effective on a bigger, more immersive scale, such as a life size room that uses VR.
Future developments of any audiovisual biometric project would take this feedback into consideration.

Practice Project 10: Digital Portfolio

Storm Prototype Information

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