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Grading Workflow

0. Raw

Raw footage

Auto Balance


Vignette and Shadow Adjustments

Curves Adjustments

Soft Film Grain

Raven Green Screen Testing

Raven Chroma 01

Keying out the green screen here will allow a different background to be composited into the picture. The problem is that the keying process removes some of the fine detail in the raven’s throat feathers. These ‘throat hackles’ are an important part of communication in ravens, and this loss of detail diminishes the subtlety of this communication.

Video – Raven Green Screen

Additionally, the raven’s beak and feathers have a reflective quality, absorbing the iridescence of its enveloping cosmos (this may have contributing to their place as Shapeshifters in mythology). This means that some parts of the raven’s body absorb the colour of the green grass around it, and the green screen behind it. One possible solution to these issues is to use a red screen with a higher resolution camera.

FIlm Prototyping

Cinematography 04

The 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Making Challenge takes place annually across six contients and provides an ideal opportunity to test The Anatomist’s film making process from beginning to end. In order to gain as much transferable knowledge from this challenge as possible, the same cast, crew, equipment, workflow and even some of the locations were used as those planned for The Anatomist.

At the beginning of 48 Hour Guerrilla Film Making Challenge each team was given a random genre and line of dialogue out which to write, shoot and edit a film between 5 and 8 minutes within a 48 hour time frame.


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