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First Experiment with Arduino

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I’ve borrowed an Arduino kit from the technicians in Culture Lab, and have started my practice with some exercises. In this blog I will talk about my first experiment with it. It was a totally new thing to do, but I really enjoyed it because it is always good to gain a new skill that can break a lot of limits and boundaries and therefore it would enable me to expand my art practices to a wider prospect.

The Arduino Starter Kit contains all items you need to start practicing Arduino projects. It has an Arduino UNO board, a beard board which gives you extra space to make your connections,  electric components such as resistors, wires LED lights, LCD screen and the Arduino projects book.

The book is a very good point to start, it is well designed and it uses a simple and direct method to deliver the basics of everything related to this micro-controller starting from making electric circuits, to programming with some examples of some simple projects to start with.

I have started with building an electric circuit, by connecting an LED light to the power through a resistor and it is connected to a switch from the other side.

This Image demonstrates the connection of this basic circuit. when I press the button the light works and it stops when I remove my finger.

After doing this simple exercise, I have started reading about programming through the Adruino software.

and that’s what I came up to with the help of the book, please see this: Video .

In order to make this “spaceship interface!” I have used the following sketch:

New experiments will be uploaded soon.


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