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Intended Thought 93: Again with the Stories

When the question is not in making something different or improve what is lacking, where do you find space for enhancement. To add without consideration for quality simply stews a good idea to slop. Tasty but no longer enticing or appealing. When change is still necessary, consider: when it was the original how would more time have polished it?


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Reviewing emailed comments and comments on my original rejected proposal to Seven Stories for the Late Shows
  • Completed formal written ‘Project Proposal’
    • Enhanced and furthered description including segment on the different ways in which the project would engage with the space, audience, ethos, themes, culture, etc.
    • Produced digital sketches/ mock-ups of the intended installation & card layouts
    • Enhanced formatting and specificities for budgeting and timeline
    • Etc.


~ Reflective Overview ~

After having my original proposal rejected from Seven Stories, it became a somewhat daunting and frustrating task to expand and recreate a proposal intended for the same project again. Not wanting to start from scratch because I did believe in my idea of creating trading cards as an exhibition piece, I drew upon the experience of having documented and conducting ethnographic observations on the actual Late Shows Exhibition/Event. As well as reviewing note made by members of Seven Stories and Tim.

There was come conflicting advice with regards to why my proposal had been rejected, but my greatest concern was if the proposal was simply poor to begin with. I was told that the approach to the proposal had in fact been good, and there was little to change other to enhance some of the aspects that had been left in question that I had been emailed about during the selection process. It was more due to the fact that Seven Stories had already done what they had deemed to be a similar project that I was unaware of.

I decided therefore to focus my attention on what elements I had been unable to do during the period of time I had created my proposal. I had wanted to create sketches and layouts as a visual aid to my ideas, but at the time I had been traveling and struggled for wifi let along a scanner or digital drawing device. Then, because I knew the biggest questions that bad been posed to my work were with regards to the validity of its engagement, I outlined all factors of engagement my project would and could be focused on, especially with regards to how to engage the audience using specific spaces.

Overall, it became quite an enjoyable process.

Intended Thought 92: Professionalism = Donuts

Click. Click. Click. Timer’s not working. So, click. I am watching the people that are pretending they aren’t watching. They don’t want to appear to be watching, when someone else is watching, including those that are hoping to be watched. Still, I’ve heard the same thing 50 times now, maybe more if I could stay. The space appears ill-considered, and though the idea is fanciful, the collaborative demonstration is lost. The kids watching would rather their supervisors watch more carefully, not them, but what they themselves have deemed to watch. 


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Prepared for Seven Stories: Late Shows Exhibition/ Event Documentation
  • Documented using photos and video, the works of Mike and Lewis (in tandem with Garry)
  • Completed ethnographic observations on the audience’s reactions


~ Reflective Overview ~

I was a long night. Though thankfully along with Garry, I had a friend assisting. Juggling trying to capture Mike’s ongoing piece and Lewis’ range of performers that were spaced at different times and places across the building was quite a task. There really frustrating thing, was one of the cameras that was planned to take a time-lapse of photos stopped working. And then there were performances that ran late or started early.

Most of all, in experiencing trying to conduct ethnographic work and digital documentation of performances was having to deal with the other performances and events within a given space. Trying to conduct observations of 10 minutes long events and an ongoing one at the same time sometimes just meant a lot of running around. Though I found one of my favourite observations and ways to document, was simply to document people documenting the performances or people viewing the performances. It was a strange experience to observe those that had taken it upon themselves to observe others observing too.

Intended Thought 89: Tutorials Galore

And then her thoughts and his thoughts and more of his thoughts. The day spoked in volumes, times, spaces, and change. Nothing changes like minds. 


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completed tutorial with Irene
    • Discussing the approach and layout of final portfolio
    • Briefly discussed preparation for later tutorial regarding Interrogating You Disciple research progress
  • Completed tutorial with Tim
    • Reviewed my original proposal for Seven Stories and how it might be adapted for my Project Proposal Assessment
    • Discussed final Creative Practice Project ideas
  • Completed tutorial with Tom
    • Discussed final Creative Practice Project ideas
    • Reviewed overall progress through the course


~ Reflective Overview ~

Throughout today I had three intensive tutorial that almost covered every assessment in progress I have going. It was particularly stressful discussing my upcoming portfolio hand-in, because the assessment has a very open ended reflective approach, whilst asking for very specific bits of information. I was worried I hadn’t done enough to prepare an idea of how my work was progressing, but it turned out in the meeting that my system to illustrate my experience and involvement during the two exhibitions was clear and professional. The only note I was given was to be wary of how much writing I added to my laid out images and not over think how much needed to specifically be said, since Irene had been part of these projects already.

My tutorial with Tim was really focussed on how I might approach my Project Proposal assessment. Since he had been directly involved with the Seven Stories project and been part of the panel that had discussed and selected which projects would be realised. It was a little worrying to try and clarify what aspects of the work needed addressing, but overall it seemed like the project as a proposal was very solid to begin with, it had only been circumstances that had prevented the work from being selected.

With Tom, the discussion was much more based on a general overview of the course and the progress I had made. Much of the internal and external stresses since the beginning of the course, had been plaguing me, and it was generally good to work through some of the issues up until now. But when focusing on the final project, I found a lot of my ideas had become messier and harder to put into comprehensive statements. Therefore, I decided to take a step back and review my ideas more practically before trying to structure them to another person again.


~ Referred References ~

  • Winding Music Boxes
  • Autonomous Mutations
    • Research into Robotic Art & Semi-Automatic Art
    • Robot Opera
  • Etching & Puncturing Machines
  • Jacquard’s Machine/ Loom
  • Loom and Printing Press History
  • James Burke (science historian)

Intended Thought 87: Business Illustrations

So I see your face.


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completing illustrations for Business Consultancy Report & Presentation


~ Reflective Overview ~

Just throwing in some skill development that happened through my business module. Within my group’s business report I included the development of self-portraits for both our consultancy group and for the business’ team members. They are very inexperienced attempts at creating simple graphic design illustrations using Adobe Illustrator, but I’m happy with the progress being made on my part of develop these digital design skills. Plus it was ridiculously fun to make mistakes and figure out how to use the program from scratch.

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