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Channeling Whitney Houston

Pop music industry manipulates and promotes forms of subjectivity.
This performance is an investigation to reveal the pop music of my subjectivity taking Whitney Houston as my working material for I once fell for the media strategies behind her artist construction. Second for her being this money machine superstar whose songs are so popular and recognizable to most of people, whether you’re aware of that or not.
By (re)ordering pop music through my own value-adding system, I will create my own pop music and corrupt the network that connects mainstream music to listeners.
I will perform a fraudulent séance where Whitney will channel to me what she knew about manufacturing illusion and masterminding perceptual tricks of the media. My role is to be an intermediary between the world of the celebrity and the world of the ordinary, the world of fiction and non-myth reality.
Whitney is the media, I am the medium.

Performed on 21st of April 2012 in London. (In tribute to Whitney, marking her 2 months and 10 days since her passage to the world of the dead!)
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