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In the Sound Studio 2

Session 2! I met up with Mike again to record some more poems with him in the sound studio. We had quite a productive session, and here are some the better recordings.
Questions From Facebook
Life Hacks
The Staff Are Striking

I also tried of my favourite poems by well-known writers. This bit was a lot of fun (-:
Yesterday I Failed by Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Macavity by T.S. Eliot

After listening back to the audio from session 1 (but before hearing the edited audio from session 2) I had mixed feelings about the quality of my performance in them. I didn’t think they were as good as some of the performances I’ve given onstage, anyway. So, when I found myself in the studio recording some audio for a children’s Christmas video I might be voluntarily featured in, I had second go at some of the session 1 poems as well.

For comparison – here is my recording of The Night Train from session 1, and the recording I did on my own after session 2. The audio quality for the second one is noticeably worse, but I tried to inject a bit more of the personality into it. I’m still not sure how I feel about the results.

Session 1 – The Night Train
Post Session 2 – the-night-train

In the Sound Studio 1


One of the new and exciting things I’ve had a chance to do in the Culture Lab so far is record in the sound studio. I’ve had the induction now, so I should (in theory) be able to record things in there all on my own. But to get me started, I’ve had a few recording sessions with fellow CAP student Mike, using some of his kit and technical know-how to help me learn how to use a mic, and to help him get a feel for the studio.

It was a strange experience, with very different concerns to live performance. I didn’t have to worry about memorising my poems, or about what I was doing with my hands or expression, but I did have to be very aware of every tiny little noise I was making. Creaky chair? You can hear it. Clothes rubbing together? You can hear it. The tiniest of mouth sounds? Oh boy, you can hear them. It was a strange experience.

I’m not quite satisfied with my own performance yet – I reckon once I’ve gotten over the teething troubles of learning to perform in an entirely new context I’ll be able to inject a bit more life into these poems, like I would at a live gig. But for now, here they are! My first foray into recording my own work. Full credit for editing/cleaning up the recordings goes to Mike.

The Wolf That Came To The Door
The Tall Man’s Coat