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ジブリの世界。 Inspiration for dissertation

Being in and experience the place.

Inspired by Minecraft project by artist Alan Becker.

That street, that inspiration!


Promise to myself that this street in Jiufen will going to be my next dream of travel.

Would it be possible to visit a real Aburaya (bathhouse) there so they will treat me as a customer who never gives them cash but gold?

Would it be possible to be addicted to the street food so that later Yubaba won’t hesitate to transform me into a pig?

Would it be possible to meet faceless Kaonashi who will tell me about the real meaning of being rich.

Would it be possible to catch a girl who is working very hard in Kamaji’s boiler room

Would it be possible to protect my own name or I will have a different name because part of its origin is stolen?

Pachelbel’s Canon in D major cover (Natural vs Artificial)

First try for a composition using Logic Pro. By listening back to the hobby play, my first experience is that we can produce pretty much any instruments we like from playing just one piano.

But, there’s an exception that it is difficult to synthesise the violin’s vibrato by using such a music production software, which Logic Pro is my case. The only natural recording I had is the piano.

So for natural violin’s vibrato? It is obviously better to play a real acoustic violin.

Because a successful orchestra composition has to be perfect for every single individual instrument, this version of mine is considered to be a failed one because I of the artificial string instruments’ sounds.

If you know any entrepreneur out there who makes natural vibrato music production software, please let me know.

Definitely try it again next time with a real fiddle.

Recycling – the interactive video


What do you know about recycling? A way of saving potentially useful materials from waste? Or a way of understanding how people differentiate trashes? Or…?

RECYCLING (CLICK TO PLAY) is a mini game I made to simply provide the experience for one of our current environmental concerns.

Instead of documenting my work in a traditional video format, which is a medium for audience to explore on the screen, I plan to add an extra feature for them to interact with those animated pieces they see on their screen. Hence, I challenge myself to publish Recycling onto the online sphere, where you will find it on the URL above, the rest of it is up to you to finish the story in your way.

Want to prove yourself as a nature lover? Why not play the game, score the full scores, and reach level 3 or 4. There will be a reward for you.

As a mini game, as an interactive video, I could not only see things frame as frame, but also experience back the idea as an inspiration for another new aged idea ten years later during my lifelong creative career.

(If you cannot play it, please let me know.)

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