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Technology 2: A Successful Failure

Meteorite copy


(The above picture is adapted from the cover page of the American band The Fray’s album <How to Save a Life>)

A Success:

The aim of this design is to create a simulated environment using an Arduino board, a battery, a DC motor, a light resistor and an external bulb.

The environment is about a vehicle, its headlights, the light resistors on the barriers, and the EFFECT that the headlights activate the lighting system on the barriers:


The process:The LED 13 on the board represents the light installation on barriers, waiting to be activated by the bulb in a table lamp, which represents the headlights from vehicles. Once the engine runs and the headlights are turned on, the LED 13 is to be ignited as well. This shows how the light from the vehicles is harvested and used to turn on the light on barriers.

The code demonstrates its success (see below):

int ADpin=A5;
int LED=13;
int ADBuffer=0;
int IApin=6;
int IBpin=5;
void setup()
pinMode (IApin, OUTPUT);
pinMode (IApin, OUTPUT);
pinMode (LED, OUTPUT);
Serial.begin (9600);
void loop()
ADBuffer=analogRead (ADpin);
Serial.print (“AD=”);
if (ADBuffer>800)
digitalWrite (IBpin, LOW);
digitalWrite (IApin,LOW);
digitalWrite (LED, LOW);

digitalWrite (LED,HIGH);
digitalWrite (IBpin, LOW);
digitalWrite (IApin,HIGH);

A failure: 

This is a failure, in terms of other aspects:

Firstly, cinematography: A film used to record the process lacks aesthetics indeed: No aside, a lot of shake.

Secondly, the blog (THIS blog) used to show this process fails to provide enough upload  file size (Only 4mb indeed)…How can a delicate film be recorded into less than 4mb? An improvement needs to be pushed.

An improvement needs to be pushed and pushed and pushed.



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