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PC music

Another of my ‘instruments’  making music; this time three tracks quickly edit in Audacity (harddrive, ethernet and mouse). The one making the high pitch noise is the mouse, just love how crazy loud it is. Also I continue to be fascinated by these ‘silent’ objects and how much noise they actually make.

Pickup Coil Exploration

I did some further sound exploration with the telephone pick up coil.

Below you can listen to some of the sounds I captured:

Pick-up coil recordings

Playing the camera. I like the idea of using one something made specific for one purpose and subvert that; the same way you can edit photos on Audacity, using a camera to generate sounds.    I used a telephone pick-up coil, recoding the electromagnetic waves generated by operating the Panasonic GH4. Each button push created a specific sound, especially the electronic shutter. It felt almost like playing a instrument because of a certain predictability of the sounds coming from the camera. Next to play with is my old Canon 50D.