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Field Recording #2

I collected another field recording sound for my Elective Project today (November 21st 2015) . Went to four different places to recorded broad range of hi and low frequencies sound as well recorded city center soundscape. Took around 30 minutes of sound material, before the weather became super cold (around 2 degree!).

Here is a sample of sound material I took today:

Excerpt from sound recorded at Metro Train from Monument to South Gosforth, last train – facing backward. Time: 02:18 PM

Excerpt from sound recorded at Northumberland Street in front of Fenwick store. Time: 12:50 PM

I’m thinking to make my own DIY Hydrophone for the next recording session, and will record anything that relates to water and underwater soundscape. Let see how it goes!

Currently obsessed:

Click here to view the embedded video.

The Duke of Burgundy (2014)

My GOSH!! I don’t know why it took me so long to watch the new film by Peter Strickland. I love his previous film Barberian Sound Studio, and this film The Duke of Burgundy is just great. Pure cinema. If you like the 60′s-70′s Euro sleazy (I would say, ‘beautiful’) cinema by the filmmakers Jean Rollins, Jesus Franco, and of course Walerian Borowczyk you will love The Duke of Burgundy. The sound details on this film was blown my mind as well. Not forget to mention the soundtracks by Cat’s Eyes that really reminds me to the music of Bruno Nicolai and Stelvio Cipriani. I could talk about this film for hours!

Field Recording #1


Here is my proposal outline that I wrote for Elective Music Project:

The sounds of building construction, glass shattered, chaotic street, and heavy rain are something that really familiar in my ear. Having come from a developing country like Indonesia, chaotic soundscape and noise is part of my everyday listening experience. Then I move to Newcastle Upon Tyne this year, which I found slightly quieter.

The soundscape of this city tickles me to recreate the discord sound I used to hear in Indonesia using a raw found sound and field recording material that I record in Newcastle. Employing strategies and techniques of musique concrete and influenced by the work of Tod Dockstader, I intend to make a recording piece composed by found sound that I will record in Newcastle. The sound I collect will various from the sound of Metro train to early morning footsteps, from a conversation in restaurant to St. James’ Park atmosphere. All the collected sound will be process until it became a loud and chaotic composition that resemblance the sound of cities like Jakarta and Bangkok. The composition then will be mixed on the Analog 4 Track Cassette Recorder to give it a rougher result.

Through some processing and mixing I will produce a new piece that will investigate sonic soundscape of Newcastle Upon Tyne as it was a city located in chaotic area.


Recently I have spent my time studying the work of English composer Trevor Wishart. His name came up one day when me and John Bowers, my supervisor, talked about soundscape and chaotic arrangement and we stumbled upon one of his work Fabulous Paris.

Fabulous Paris is really great and this kind of sound is something that I really want to make for my Elective Project. Anyway, before I found Fabulous Paris, below are my biggest inspiration that influenced me to produced a soundscape piece in Newcastle.

Alexander Mosolov – Op.19 The Iron Foundry

Click here to view the embedded video.

Noticed as the prime example of Russian futurist music, the idea of The Iron Foundry has been inspired me to make a piece that recreate the sound of industrialization in the place I have lived before using a less disturbance sound sources.

John Wiese – GGA (this is really annoying, at some point WordPress won’t allow me to embed Bandcamp)

John Wiese is one of my favourite experimental musician. GGA consists of shattered glass sound recorded in stereo, what makes it interesting is he used tape to record the sounds in order to give a rougher result. Try to listen with proper headphone.

Some Field Recording and prepared tape that also inspired me:

Unseen Terror by David Vélez

Chaotic Alteration by Marta Zapparoli


Field recording and collecting sound have begun last week (14th November). I went to Tynemouth Longsands to record the atmosphere of the beach, objects, and people around the coast. Unfortunately due to the massive wind I have to stop recording because my sound recorder windshield is not really good with heavy wind. Here are sample sound I took from the beach:

Next recording event will probably around urban transit system. I hope to catch more low frequencies sound. Currently reading:

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