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Mobile Media Development

Outlined the technicalities of my Mobile Media project, which I’ve decided to call “Key to the City”. Excuse the crude format, I’m a fairly sketchy person and I’m in Scotland this week without my graphics tablet, so I wanted to do it by hand rather than crudely with a mouse. This is very much a first draft though, so expect a neater, more resolved version soon.

As you can see, it’s pretty simple. It’s not very complicated in terms of technical details, which will hopefully make it easy to implement. I also drafted a user scenario – again, still to be neatened up!

In terms of equipment and materials, here is my current spec (to make one working prototype):
1 x key
1 x RF receiver
6-8 x RF transmitters
1 x on/off switch
1 x vibration component
1 x battery

On the prototype front, I’m aiming to have one key working, picking up signals from approximately 6-8 transmitters. I’ll need to do a bit more work first, but if I can’t get the aesthetics I’m aiming to achieve, I suspect I’ll make a functioning prototype and and experience/aesthetic prototype.

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