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Project work for ‘HSS810 Creative Digital Practice’


After so much struggle with the research part of the project, I ended up doing the idea I always had in my head for this project (it was sort of my plan B). As I wanted to do something different to this idea (I try to avoid working with first ideas, although sometimes I do) I spend a lot of time reading books, papers, researchs projects about dreams and about maps from other approaches. Unfortunately, I didn’t find enough useful material to produce a creative project with a logic and serious foundation.

The project is the creation of people’s mental map of Madrid (Spain), my hometown. During my Christmas break in Madrid, I asked people to draw their mental map of Madrid (just the town’s centre). They had to draw the picture they had of Madrid in their minds without checking google maps or any other kind of map. I always told them that they had to draw the map like if it was for a stranger who has never been in Madrid and he would use that map as a guide to walk through Madrid’s streets.

Here you can the see the whole presentation.

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