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Past to Present


If Siegfried Zielinski once has said that media archaeologist is the one who “not seek the old in the new, but find something new in the old” (Trettien, 2009), would it be easier to understand media archaeology as a method for rousing the media from a deep sleep in old times?

The word media itself is a plural form of medium, which could be a particular form of storage or sphere used by an artist to store and process the information creatively. It may due to the fact that because plural word conveys with plural sets of things, Wu Ershan used back the Painted Skin, one of the 491 tales from the book Strange Tales From A Chinese Studio (Pu, 2010), to determine a new plot combining with contemporary technology together into filmography. The story had been already there for a long time, in a film director perspective, Wu Ershan tried to look back into the past and dug for new discovery not only for tale telling but also proof of cutting-edge technology.

Zielinski also shown that media archaeology refers to “a poetic exploration of deep times and variantology” (Parikka, 2012). There would be no present and future without past, there would be no knives for human to use without a time that someone used that before and marked down the information how to cut from the past. Everything people are using today has been changed from its historical original form. “Variantology is a humanistic discipline that deals with the history and future of science in general and an imaginary change of the past in particular” (Zielinski, 2011).

In short, would a media archaeologist be a person who is willing to look back to the history, combines methods and technology to come across a cultural value effect?

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