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Music and Recyling

Music and Recycle-page-001

This is the floor plan for Robinson Library’s 4th floor.

The trash bins have been counted and placed on the this digital plan, according to their locations in the real space.

The colour of the illustrations is in accordance with the actual colour of the trash bins, which is set to categorize the trash generated within the building.

This digital plan is a discriminating one however, since it ignores those disabled people’s ability to understand it, say, people who are colour blind.

The reason why shapes like these are chosen to represent 4 types of trashes, is because these shapes look like how Chinese characters’ tones are annotated. They are mainly categorized into 4 types. For example: The  4 characters <医>, <移>,<乙> and <亿>, when pronounced,  require the one’s mouth to keep the same shape respectively, but  asks the one to generate 4 different tones to differentiate them. When teachers teach children how to pronounce them, they use <->, </>, <v> and <> to annotate these 4 tones (note that here </> and <> are slightly longer than they should be. However in reality they should look as of the same height with <-> and <v>; besides <v> should be the same when <>> is clockwise rotated 90 degrees. Here the Alphabet <v> is used, due to the limitation of this blog’s function). It is imagined if the trashes can have some relationship with music, since tones are already quite related to music, at least fragments of music.

Research is needed.

Could this be a way of recycling the trash into beautiful things, in a trans-disciplinary way?

The Special Collection Case @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.



In order to let the <20th Century Pamphlets> (the name of one special collection in the library) souvenirs be clearly noticed by the visitors, including the bookmarks, the brochures and the postcards. It would be helpful if each of the three glass boards is moved up until the top one reaches the ceiling of the case. Then Unload the top one and reload it above the ground of the case in a position where it can separate the current layout on the ground floor, and the ones going to be exhibited, namely, the Prototype. Thus the Prototype will be shown on the new second floor counting from the ground.









The current structure makes it easy to adjust due to its flexible assembly on the wall. Simply pull it out and then plug into a proper height following the instructions above.

The Printer Case @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.




What needs to be adjusted is the height of the two glass boards within: In order to let the Prototype exhibition (which will be put on the ground floor within the case), especially the label part (an A4 paper with about 50 degrees’ angle to the ground) be conveniently noticed from above, these two boards need to be moved up at least 10 cm.  Here is the exhibition:

Here is the detail of the label:

Here is the details of the document on the printer:

Note: N.C.L. is short for Newcastle University upon Tyne



PRECISION is what has been pursued.

红色贵族:Red and Royalty

The phrase <红色贵族> has already been wrongly used for quite a long time in China, which always relates to Communism, the Party, and the Money.

It’s time to find its original meaning.

Coincident with its direct translation (red royalty), the red and the royalty are two crucial parts in CHINESE culture.

It is widely agreed that the colour RED is the representative of CHINA (not knowing if there are other sovereignty which has the similar taste). It means positivity, energy, happiness and liveliness. No surprise that People’s Republic of China chooses it as the main colour for the Five-Star-Red-Flag, the symbol of a sovereignty.

Royalty: Unlike that some westerners despise China as no royal symbols, there are actually FLUID representations about royalty, which manifest themselves as the change/switch of dynasties.In each dynasty period, a family with a specific surname governs the whole land and allocates the resources to the relatives within. Thus in parallel with Western civilizations, Royalty is also an inherent element of Chinese culture.

<赤色为朱> is a phrase to describe the colour RED. 朱 is an expression with royal implications. The evidence can be found in phrase such as <朱批>, which means the Palace Memorial commented by an emperor.

Coincidently called memorial again, this document is made up of paper always folded several times. It’s a formal report from a departmental official, to inform the emperor what has happened within the official’s responsibility, and to let the emperor decide what should be done or if there is anything that needs to be improved.

<朱批> is a most persuasive expression to prove the relationship between the red and the royalty.

Recommended reading:

1644 In-Situ: Homeoffice

Image from:

Above WAS what happened in Far East. Here, <Far East> is used to show a geographically European centred perspective. The reason lies that the server of this blog is currently provided by a European country and its institution.

This may be what happens to Newcastle:

A. D. 1644/04/25——a day to be remembered.

Recommended reading:


Ethnic Groups, Balance, and Gravity


Woolen Yarn balls inspired by: Imperial Qing Dynasty, Manchu, Flag Head, Hairstyle (Qitou)


As this style is not only visually special, the groups who choose to wear it should also at least bear two things in mind: The ability to resisting gravity, and the skill to keeping balanced.

This is, in the author’s opinion, the core issues to be considered in making a good structure.


In this style, the more the decorative elements are added, such as jade or hairpins, the more difficult it is to keep it balanced, as those materials are not homogeneous which adds troubles to calculating and making equations.

Keeping an object balanced does not necessarily mean keeping it visually identical in both sides, left and right.  Asymmetric design is a solution to meet the resistance requirement, while at the same time make the balance status in a more versatile way.

The beautiful may exist in one of these balanced statues.


Moreover, the two yarn balls grow in different lengths in the object, each one knitted by a weaving iron needle with different strengths (in terms of materials).  The stronger one is coordinated with the smaller ball (shorter yarn), while the softer one with the bigger ball (longer yarn).

It is hard to say which part lasts longer, because of this arrangement, and there is a tendency that the softer wins because it extends, spatially longer, which in Chinese called 以柔克刚/柔弱胜刚强.

However, as existing in this integral object, being long enough is not enough itself. As has been said before, the resistance against gravity, and the integral balance should be taken into account.

Thus the better way is to develop both parts, the smaller ball and the stronger ball, and to design/combine them in a holistic way. The description called 刚柔相济 best suits this situation.

Here is to start the discussion of asymmetric design and aesthetics.


Automobile Advanced: Decoration and Ritual


While wheels make an automobile civic, decorations add the ritual element—that’s the one function of decoration: They can be holy, supreme and innocent.

See this happy couple is going to be married. Ahead of it is a happy route towards the eternal…

Paper Plane: Prototype


Thought beyond timeline:



Raw material: Giffgaff SIM Card paper packaging, with instructions on how to make a paper plan.

Support: ASUS Laptop White X553MA plastic* 15.6 Inch screen with black plastic* frame at the bottom.




(3). The Promotional image shown in 背包客栈(

2. Admission to Chongqing Childhood Kids Park, 2012

Extended reading (in Chinese):

(1) Comment on the fairness of the admission price:

(2) Pre-phase communications on enterprise album design:

3. Childhood game: Competitions on the quality of paper plane–which one can fly farther to Peking, (or somewhere else)?

Related event: Public Performance in the Foggy City Chongqing <雾季公演>


4. The badge of National Southwestern Associated University


Such an prototype is used to conceptualize a sculpture, and inspire in which shape it should be created, based on the aim that it is used to conjure unification, and build up feasible dreams.

Here is to initiate.


United Ethnic Groups–Representative Democracy/Democratic Representation



Analogy: From Business World to Ethnography and to Political System

The artist’s work:

1. Materials: Household plastic bags for daily consumption–Here the households comprise of the artists’ mixed gender flatmates in the university’s accommodation. They buy daily food and consume plastic bags, usually provided by retail stores/supermarkets without charge.  The stores’ names include: Tesco, HiYou, Sainsbury, M&S, Poundland, Wilkinson, Iceland, Nisa, Target, ASDA. Some other bags are pure white which don’t belong to any brands or stores.

2. Finding out flatmates’ consumption habit: The 3 petals of the flower at the top are made up of Tesco’s bags. Each two bigger ones comprise 27 medium size bags in total, including the clasp. The smaller petal is made up of 9 small size bags also including the clasp. They comprise the main flower of this plant. This shows that the main store the flatmates visit is Tesco, as is a proof of a COMMON (here it means opposite to both luxury and poverty) consuming character of this community.

3. Starting Parametric: the 27-bag (3*3*3) petals and the 9 (3*3) petal altogether contribute to a 3-petal flower. Following (below) it are three leaves, each comprises of 8, 7 and 6 bags sequentially up to down.  In order to make the change smoothly, the 8-bag one still uses Tesco’s bags, while the 7-bag HiYou, and the 6-bag white nameless. It is also ok if they are regarded as buds, since green leaves can and already are added through photoshops; Near the bottom–the flower on the collateral branch is colourful , There are some rules behind such organizations: Basically it is a 5-petal flower: Orange-1 Sainsbury; light green-4 M&S; white with red rectangular-2 Iceland; white/transparent-3 nameless, plus a VERSATILE 5. Interestingly, this VERSATILE 5 bags are made up of Nisa, Poundland, Wilkinson, Target and ASDA. They come from 5 stores with the ASDA one as the clasp.  Altogether, the number line existing in this flower up to down is: 27(3*3*3)*2,9(3*3),8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, which is numerically organized (from decimal system to index system, which approaches to the binary).


4. Analogy: In China (as is carved on the flower pot, which is a metaphor of the terrain where Chinese agricultural civilization originates–a basin between/around Yellow River and Yangtze River), there are many ethnic groups, and the majority of which is called Han Ethnicity. They lived mainly in the basin area, in the far ancient times. Here in this artwork, the representation is the Tesco bags, in the plant’s mainstream. However, other smaller ethnic groups also grow and becomes gradually stronger and stronger. They take nutritions from the basin’s soil, and make their own flower (the collateral branch). They partly learn from how the mainstream flower grows and behaves, but forms their own styles as well, such as their colourful clothes, as has been represented by the colourful bags themselves. Now they act not only as the decoration of the plant, but plays the significant role in showing the foreign appreciators how China looks like.

5. Political:

(1) Merely arousing the aesthetic enjoyment is far from enough. To become a robust flower inherently asks for a robust structure. While it is admitted direct democratic system has its merit in a group like the VERSATILE 5, where each bag has a say, this is nonetheless never appropriate to the whole plant. If, each bag votes and lets the decision deliver across the stems, 99 votes must be counted and transported, which may cost a lot of time, and thus miss the best time to flower. Moreover, if each bag votes, chances that the Tesco bags group win are much bigger than those smaller groups, which , is DEMOCRATICALLY fair, but not good to make the minority groups heard and respected. The whole plant would also lose its attractiveness. Thus a redesign should be made towards the political system.

(2) Solution: As is shown in the plant, the collateral branch one stands together and forms a new flower. If several minor groups could somehow unite together, their voices might be easily heard. And if the mainstream flower can elect several representatives, together with the 8, 7, 6-bag groups’ representatives, decisions may be more quickly achieved, and the minor groups can have more power, based on how much weight these representatives are allocated .

(3) Expression: If this system is called REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY, it sounds as if the democratic system originating from Ancient Greek Civilization wins. However a more appropriate title for China may be DEMOCRATIC REPRESENTATION, where representation is a core habit to express something that is hard to differentiate, like the dragon totem generated in Chinese agricultural civilization. This expression also shows an attitude to learn something from the West, which goes ahead in the Modern and Post modern social process, and somehow respect individuals. This is a balance among efficiency, fairness, and the need to respect the minorities.

6. Artwork/森:

This is a flower in a DEFORMED brown frame. The frame is put on the grass, and looks like the ridge of the irrigating pond, everywhere in fields. In total, this is a pond dug on grass. What is interesting is that though the flower and the pot are flattened to horizontal to show in the image (the bags’ photo was taken from above), when browsing it using laptop devices, it still stands upright.

森 is a Chinese character. it comprises 3 similar characters 木, which means timber/wood。Using 3 木, 森 tries to deliver the meaning of a lot of wood, thus it means forest. Here, the location/angle of the flower bags in the image is similar to that of upper level 木 in 森. It factually is horizontal/flat on the ground. However it is shown/pictorially manifested as vertical/ standing upright (森 or the Chinese characters belong to ideogram system, which, from its original creation, has already become pictorial).

7. Recycling:

As is always asserted as “recycling materials”, plastics, however can never be called environmentally friendly. The pollution comes from burning it and generating poisonous gas, or burying it but without efficient degradation–thus it becomes apparent trash on the streets. This, deviates from the definition of Recycling. Recycling should at least mean environmentally friendly, or ecologically useful, not just having some artificial abandoning process itself, like the plastics’ burning and burying procedure.

Thus, this artwork works as a start, to redress the misunderstanding of recycling—-though not having thought up a proper way of abandoning these materials, the artist at least make them more useful–whether it’s the educational purposes to be achieved through this blog post, or the aesthetic purposes to be achieved by this flower model and creative frame type, or the sociological/ethnographic purposes to be achieved through its representation of a possibly ideal political structure.

Thanks for the enjoyment.

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plus Tesco Food and Wine Newsletter once you’ve owned its Clubcard.




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