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I have been collecting links to smart textiles and textiles technology so the following is going to be the main sites of interest with a brief description and any particular sections that interested me. Rather than making a new post each time I find new sites I will just keep this post updated.

This site speaks of medical designs for new medical devices, the page above directs to ‘An Introduction to Designing With Nitinol’.

Medical design directs to this site for manufacture.

An interesting exploration into the idea of ‘difference’ and ‘same’, the theory being to understand difference you must study what is same to know what is different. Experiment compiled from marathon monks and the hat they wear when taking their ‘same’ route.



A more recently discovered material, strong, electrically conductive and with a multitude of interesting properties..

A good short piece describing the form of graphene that’s antibacterial paper able to be mass produced.

Part of a study about the antibacterial strength of graphene

Cuts up text and re orders it, could be interesting.

RFID chips in jeans watching your movements

BBC article on above.




A good blog I put in the bracket of ‘weeklies’ as I try and check them often.

future textiles!

It uses 40 litres of glycerol and over kilometres of plastic tubing.

Colours pulse through the tubes at different speeds giving the appearance of a dynamic skin that breathes and pulses across the landscape of the body.

robots and such

3D printer group

This site is full of buyable materials and some sample packs, its aimed at schools and colleges and has some very interesting materials. Amongst the interesting ones are the temperature sensitive fabrics and wires. Almost every item has a youtube video embedded on the page to show you the item in use.

-I have ordered some sample packs and thermal dye and will comment further once Iv experimented.

Solar active thread could be good.

Metalized thread on this link, however the site specialises in threads, finishes and surfaces. The materials sound good yet to obtain and test.(try to get free samples!)

^ Has moved to plug and wear.

Various textiles tech bits n pieces, lilly pad, conductive fabrics, lights etc. also has some tutorials for getting started with the items they sell.

Wearable technology Italy, small site.

This link goes to the textile circuit’s page, there are 4 interesting textile with integrated technology fabrics, a few that are very relevant to my glove project, however because of the designs they could be complex to integrate with the silver. However I will look into this further.

Seems to be in the research area and keeping up with it,

Blog contains interesting pieces, some of which I havnt come across before.

magazine about new materials

culture magazine

NEWS UPDATE: The Materials Library is expanding its remit to become the Institute of Making…’

‘fresh works from leading creative professionals’

Various materials

The Bureau of



Art & Design




interactive printed items

CRG Industries is a manufacturing company for commercial, defense, medical, and industrial markets.

liquid crystal polymer fiber

solar panels


A global industrial manufacturer of high quality precision coated films and blended liquids for use in the printing, automotive and electronics industries.

(English section under construction)

I hope they make glasses squeak when they hit ppl…



Page 59, temperatures effect on skin, factoring wind chill, eg.

this goes on to freezing skin temps and materials effect in %.

another smart clothing book

Article on tagging jeans and more


COPPER, medical side

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