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Music and Recyling

Music and Recycle-page-001

This is the floor plan for Robinson Library’s 4th floor.

The trash bins have been counted and placed on the this digital plan, according to their locations in the real space.

The colour of the illustrations is in accordance with the actual colour of the trash bins, which is set to categorize the trash generated within the building.

This digital plan is a discriminating one however, since it ignores those disabled people’s ability to understand it, say, people who are colour blind.

The reason why shapes like these are chosen to represent 4 types of trashes, is because these shapes look like how Chinese characters’ tones are annotated. They are mainly categorized into 4 types. For example: The  4 characters <医>, <移>,<乙> and <亿>, when pronounced,  require the one’s mouth to keep the same shape respectively, but  asks the one to generate 4 different tones to differentiate them. When teachers teach children how to pronounce them, they use <->, </>, <v> and <> to annotate these 4 tones (note that here </> and <> are slightly longer than they should be. However in reality they should look as of the same height with <-> and <v>; besides <v> should be the same when <>> is clockwise rotated 90 degrees. Here the Alphabet <v> is used, due to the limitation of this blog’s function). It is imagined if the trashes can have some relationship with music, since tones are already quite related to music, at least fragments of music.

Research is needed.

Could this be a way of recycling the trash into beautiful things, in a trans-disciplinary way?

Welcome to Newcastle—-A City of Sanctuary

Full ideas can be found here:

Action plan:

1. Apply the Funding from the Arts Council England

2. Liaise Newcastle University’s Robinson Library, Fine Art Department in the School of Arts and Cultures,  School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, City of Sanctuary (a charity)’s School of Sanctuary Initiative in Newcastle city, and Newcastle’s City Council to implement the scheme.

3. Create a proper visiting plan for refugees, the identity cards, the afterwards interview, the settling, the feedback, the tracking record for their future status after the visit, with excellent event management skills

What Do We Benefit from Cross-Strait (Re)unification?

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150514111344

Take, the creative enterprise into consideration:

DOMO is a Taiwanese team in game industry, whose production is second to none, largely due to the typical and classical Chinese elements it manages to incorporate into the creating process. What’s more, such elements have magical effects, fabricating virtual narratives that always echo with what is happening in reality.

What is upset however, is the fact that due to the current political tensions, the PC game issue from Softstar Entertainment Inc. (where DOMO works for and with) can not achieve a really free and equal entry cross Taiwan strait. This means, for customers from the Mainland China (let’s temporarily call it like this), a delay in obtaining such game products. Due to this, some crazy fans have to instead, consume the pirates, which harm both the economic interests and intellectual property of the company.

Thus from this fact, it is obvious what we can benefit from Cross-Strait (Re)unification.

Here are the details which shows at the beginning.




PRECISION is what has been pursued.




One most important thing is lost:



Are Pigs Human Beings’ Best Friends?

People in different countries have diverse taste towards animals, take pigs for example:

Click here to view the embedded video.

Generally Germans like pigs or as they call it Schwein. pigs represent luck (gluecklichkeit). Pigs enjoy relatively easy life before they are slaughtered, and they comprise the most delicious food

—-Knowledge from being as a student in Goethe Institut, Pekin, whose role is a cultural communication institution worldwide, representing the resplendence of Germany

However, totally on the contrary, generally Chinese don’t like pigs as they regard them as being stubborn, stupid and dirty.

Nonetheless, if one ignores these cultural differences, one may easily make a wrong judgement towards a MTV and its lyrics, and this raise challenges to the company such as Youtube, since online bullying may easily happen. Though Youtube is not a company which generates these insults, the streaming media technology actually ignites their happening, or at least, provides a channel and a possibility.

A cautious stance should be taken towards technology.

1644 In-Situ: Homeoffice

Image from:

Above WAS what happened in Far East. Here, <Far East> is used to show a geographically European centred perspective. The reason lies that the server of this blog is currently provided by a European country and its institution.

This may be what happens to Newcastle:

A. D. 1644/04/25——a day to be remembered.

Recommended reading:




Test: Whether do the group members of CAP browse each others’ blogs quite often or not?

Review: How did the icon @ first come up? We’ve been quite used to write our emails: xxxxxx @ xx.xx.xx, but who knows how it works in terms of machinery recognition process?

Group work: Remote X— A Virtual Treasure Hunting Game Creation and Enterprise, or Not?

People who are engaged: CCTV Controller, Cartographer, Urban builder/fan, Script Writer, Game designer, Sound designer, Interactive designer, Researcher (ethnographer/anthropologist……)

5 Steps to start it: (1) RPG research

(2) Plot writing

(3) Pilot/Testing

(4) Funding

(5) Equipment implementation

Exercise: Minutes writing (waiting to be criticized…)

Technology 3: What Should Marketers do? (1)



It’s University of Glasgow and they say it’s Adam Smith.

Adam Smith—-a name anyone who deals with economy and business should know —a common sense.

Sometimes common sense cheats.

IRONY: Free market doesn’t act at its origins. “Free market”—they always say. Why can’t the so called “free market” guarantee the built-in store’s free entrance?—-Door security systems block the free way.

Adam Smith is funny. Free market is a shame.

Wooden Barriers: Joints and Fake Joints


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