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Intended Thought 91: Let’s Reference Tom

The codes, the codes they made the sounds in time, so time made progress. What making made time for making, there are things to see, judge and ponder upon not under. So many systems, made simply because making was necessary. But what about the unnecessary that then becomes necessary. Since often what is necessary soon becomes obsolete. 


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completed tutorial with John
    • Discussed the progression of my Creative Practice Project
    • Reviewed potential PhD proposal strategies


~ Reflective Overview ~

In seeking out a meeting with John, we were mostly focused on how to develop my ideas of the final exhibition project. As I had previously mentioned to Tom and Tim, my idea had become quite visual and I wanted to find the experimentation and research that must be fostering such a piece. We began with some of the discussion points I had had with Irene, especially the act of puncturing and etching.

Referencing many machines and systems throughout history, one of the more prominent references I given included some of his and Tom’s work. In particular, a piece of Tom’s earlier work. We also had a very animated discussion regarding the concept of creation and invention, and the frustration of what makes something ‘commercial’. Overall the meeting was very productive in a ‘throwing ideas all over’ way, though not a lot of structure came from the talk, it was helpful in establishing some new threads of research.


~ Referred References ~

  • Codes and cryptography
  • Euston Railway clearing house
    • The system developed to record all the transactions made became too much to count by hand, therefore a new coding system was developed to count and comprehend the money involved in a manageable manner.
  • Martin Campbell Kelly
    • The inventor of the origin of computing (IBM)
  • The Cabinet Mr. Wilson
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen
    • 12 music boxes
  • Conton Nancarrow
    • Study of player piano
  • Toshio Iwai
    • Piano and Digicult (Strobe lighting)
  • Oiko-Noditi Pasarra
    • Knitted digital
  • Q David Bowers
    • The mechanical music press
  • The Encyclopaedia of Automatic Musical Instruments
  • David R. Leach of Huddersfield
    • The Mechanical Organ
    • Fairground and Street Organs (Rob Baker)
  • Herman Hollererith
    • Inventor of the Electromechanical Punch Card Tabulator

Intended Thought 89: Tutorials Galore

And then her thoughts and his thoughts and more of his thoughts. The day spoked in volumes, times, spaces, and change. Nothing changes like minds. 


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completed tutorial with Irene
    • Discussing the approach and layout of final portfolio
    • Briefly discussed preparation for later tutorial regarding Interrogating You Disciple research progress
  • Completed tutorial with Tim
    • Reviewed my original proposal for Seven Stories and how it might be adapted for my Project Proposal Assessment
    • Discussed final Creative Practice Project ideas
  • Completed tutorial with Tom
    • Discussed final Creative Practice Project ideas
    • Reviewed overall progress through the course


~ Reflective Overview ~

Throughout today I had three intensive tutorial that almost covered every assessment in progress I have going. It was particularly stressful discussing my upcoming portfolio hand-in, because the assessment has a very open ended reflective approach, whilst asking for very specific bits of information. I was worried I hadn’t done enough to prepare an idea of how my work was progressing, but it turned out in the meeting that my system to illustrate my experience and involvement during the two exhibitions was clear and professional. The only note I was given was to be wary of how much writing I added to my laid out images and not over think how much needed to specifically be said, since Irene had been part of these projects already.

My tutorial with Tim was really focussed on how I might approach my Project Proposal assessment. Since he had been directly involved with the Seven Stories project and been part of the panel that had discussed and selected which projects would be realised. It was a little worrying to try and clarify what aspects of the work needed addressing, but overall it seemed like the project as a proposal was very solid to begin with, it had only been circumstances that had prevented the work from being selected.

With Tom, the discussion was much more based on a general overview of the course and the progress I had made. Much of the internal and external stresses since the beginning of the course, had been plaguing me, and it was generally good to work through some of the issues up until now. But when focusing on the final project, I found a lot of my ideas had become messier and harder to put into comprehensive statements. Therefore, I decided to take a step back and review my ideas more practically before trying to structure them to another person again.


~ Referred References ~

  • Winding Music Boxes
  • Autonomous Mutations
    • Research into Robotic Art & Semi-Automatic Art
    • Robot Opera
  • Etching & Puncturing Machines
  • Jacquard’s Machine/ Loom
  • Loom and Printing Press History
  • James Burke (science historian)

Intended Thought 88: Official Beginnings of Dissertation Practice Project

It begins. Formally. Loudly. With change and caution. Sometimes we just don’t know, because others don’t know, and now we’re all just in the know about the lack of knowing going on. For the first time I know what I thought I’d want to know but what is no longer helpful to me. Next to no time will be left and the research has been halted before beginning. 


~ Productive Actions ~

  • Completed group seminar and introduction to the final Dissertation Practice Project
    • Summaries each person’s progressing ideas and experiments
    • Introduction to the Health & Safety restrictions of the exhibition spaces
  • Completed allotting of organisational roles


~ Reflective Overview ~

Having today to really just sit and consider what our course has been building up to and what my research might lead to made me realise the lack of ‘creating’ that has been happening for the last few months. Leading up to and after the Easter break though lots of research has been happening, only a limited amount of making has actually happened. Strangely though during the meeting I realised I had somewhat of a visual idea of what I would like to realise, but I have yet to fully piece together what I would exploring and why. My hope is in the next couple weeks to sort out the priorities in my research and find the linking elements that will allow me to tie together some comprehensive experimentation and studio making!


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