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Protected: sketching and manipulating for fiction festival

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experimental workbook sketching


What I intend to do today is to sketch some pattern about how a narrative develop?

first, my narrative would be like many of branches in a tree, means different possibilities, and endings.

in this stage, I have not grasp the whole Hitler life, what details beneath him, what other people relationship or dialogue happening? just start experience from two thing I know currently, one is Hitler childhood.

for example, as far as I know, Hilter had a father who love drink beer very much then died when Hitler was very young. So I could start to design what Hitler childhood like from this message.

for example, Hilter mom has prepare dinner waiting for his father for a long time, but it already 11pm father didn’t come home, so she cannot stand this situation then decide to go outside to look for him, so Hitler will choose?

one, go to sleep. two, beg for mom don’t go outside. three, go outside with mom looking for father.

the scene in this game would be in this way.

this is just general lay out for player, and I will insert more picture and figure for screen.

so what if Hitler decided go out with mom? why I offer this choose?

I think Hilter was not an inborn cruelty, Hitler had a happy childhood as he was a good student in primary school, he also love his family very much otherwise his brother death would not give him lots of pain. so it is a possibilities that he require go outside with mother looking for father together.

then what will happen next?

the interesting thing in this project, I guess, is every step you choose you totally don’t know what is going to happen, you need to be very cautious about you choices and will be responsible for you selection. you can even immediately die if you choose anything wrong, which is also the common attraction and excitement of this kind of online game.

So for example, I could design a pathway for players choosing “go out with mom”, then they go to a pub where father have always been to, but at that time, they found there is something violent happening, some men was fighting with each other and Hitler’s father unconsciously laid down on floor! Then what Hilter will do?

one, go inside to stop them, two, call policemen, three, stay outside.

I will design a death for those who choose go inside to stop them by Hitler’s head knocked by a flying chair.

of course, I know it is not so difficult to get around it, I think nearly everyone will not choose “go inside to stop them” when they are a child. I will develop more complex and logic on those knot and divergence.

so it is how I developing narrative project. by using experimental workbook and imagination based on information I have.




building my spiritual workbook

from my spiritual practice, I found it is more helpful and convenient to establish a workbook in my brain, other than some notebook, or online book, etc. because first I am not good at handle a notebook, I always make it very dirty and even could not remember what I have wrote down due to my messy handwriting.

another thing is not suitable with real workbook sketching is, I have a distracted mind, which listens negative but in other hand, it give me a absolutely freedom, creativity, and alternative solutions for some difficult problems. my brain give me opportunity that link everything together and thinking out of box at any times and situations.

So I have successfully built a workbook on my mind, it is much easier for me to sketch it, take information and ideas on it. to made this kind of workbook maybe is not good for others as they always forget what kinds of thing recorded spiritually before, but it is a perfect workbook style for me as I will never forget any of details.

the next challenge is, this workbook only work on my mind, so then how can I show it to others?

of course, I have developed a main method for showing others. if it needed, for example, if I need hand in some sketching for other team member to discuss and generate new ideas or prototype, I will directly take those content from my spiritual workbook to the reality by text, drawing, or others.

and all the content of my workbook exist in my brain, it even could make some interactions when I just have a rest sometimes. spiritual workbook is invisible but in other hands it is real. one of advantage is it will not lost, damaged whatever the reason is.

another is it don’t require any pen or paper, all the processing could directly operate in my mind!

but the other things, I may use this blog as my workbook, which also assessment required that I need to record my ongoing practical work.


summarisation of guest speaker

I have made the bullet points of what i think about presentations of clients in this module.

  • The first feature of those clients is they are all have experience in different subject, which is also needed in creative practice—- to cover the gap between different things, think creatively and connectively. So if i decide to explore further in creative practice area, i  need multiple experience in society. Also i feel, probably only literature background not strong enough for future exploration?
  • To conduct a research, or accomplish other things in this world, teamwork is essential, which also reflect from lots of speakers past experience, especially some researches. speakers sometimes just simply say they make a research, or cooperate an artwork, but i feel that how important the interpersonal and communicating skills is behind it. Which is also a necessary for future career. so then i make a decision that, for my final project, it probably would be much more helpful if some workshops taken place, colleagues work together. my colleagues, especially meteor and Cumingdao really support me. But how to arrange the workshop, i am still in consideration.
  • Last but not least, from all the presentation of speakers, i think the interdisciplinary area will be a main trend in academic development future. it hard to say anything else about specific reason, it is just my own speculation. possibly because every subject in this world is interactive with each other.

I am afraid that i cannot give specific reactions toward certain speakers, i would like to summarisation of what i think about whole speakers presentation, so it is what i do. But anyway, all those speakers are very helpful and friendly.


pondering video ethnography in this module

Even as a student, I do not have any habits of taking minutes, what i ritually do is to summarise the generalised thing which i think could help me developing myself, like to grasp the common feature, and explore the beneath operating theory myself. Maybe i have still got many of effect from value of world in Buddhism, i cannot help relating all the knowledge which i learned in this module to Buddhistic theories.

The first speculation is since everything, everyone in this world originated to “void”, which i demonstrated the last stage of universe changing in fiction festival, then i totally could explore the “void” meaning behind knowledges in this module and could generate new materials and theories by myself!

It is probably not a difficult thing, maybe some people will say if you want to develop some theories, you have to work in or learn the area where you want to engage for certain time, you at least need to know what it is about and check some relevant literature and report. But what my point of view is, if you just have some inspirations or very special feeling about it, you can totally generate new guideline and knowledge for people by frameworks summarised by yourself.

For example, video ethnography could used as a form of inquiry, then the other similar thing, like facebook, twitter, instagram could also develop facebook ethnography, twitter ethnography, etc. and to be honest, my own perspective is facebook could be more powerful than video in terms of “sysrematic, empirical study of people and cultures”, isn’t it?  one of features in ethnographic study is reflexive—- if researchers need to empathetic and aware on others’ stand, researcher could read the post and stuff in Facebook and get to know what kind of person he is. Those online social media truly demonstrate us how all the other people live and is more ideal for observation, reviewing and transforming practice, it cannot be only in laboratory and more convenient thing is researchers and Facebook users could communicate online for practitioner-led practice.

And online social media also cover a host of functions and advantage from video ethnography, more easier to collect data for qualitative and quantitive analysis by just simply inputing key words and clicking research button.

So in this way, social media could generate their own more effective ethnography methodologies. and we can broaden the limitation, maybe blogs, forums, BBC and all the internet stuff could help us creative practice for ethnography!

it definitely can, i just think it is not difficult to seek all the stuff around us for ethnography research and practice then developing different methods.

Since those frameworks all come from “void”, so you can check and believe “void” as you back to achieve a ideal life style— where is nothing hard, you can do whatever you want and you will success. It might be listening hard to understand for you. i know it, the question might be, first what is “void”, second, how it work in this universe? third, how it contribute to our daily life? actually, i am also in the stage to find what “void” is, which a little bit equivalent to “enlightenment” in lot of monk meditation practice. but it do not have any definition. But what i know is, if one really find “void” ultimately, he could even achieve and find the whole human being ethnography from a molecule, or a leave!

development3: finding game-making tools.

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 14.54.23

Today, i am so excited that i find a useful game-making tool for my summer project. which come from china called ChengGuang literature game making tool.

this is a chinese website, the ChengGuang literature game making tool is free download and there are many of other production demonstration where you can play with them freely. it is very helpful.

here is example of the online game style which i will make.


chapter 1: i meet a bad boy

background introduction: (romantic style) Im SuRui, 16 years old, working in a small shop, this story date back one year ago….

this is character in this game, SuRui, and the dialogue is in the bottom of screen.

SuRui is followed by a bad boy in the dark road at night, who cover her eyes and grasp her body tightly. then what she will do? three options: one, struggling, two, calm down, three, kick him.

as a player, i choose “struggling”,


its no use at all, that guy took me “Surui” in a dark corridor. threatened me ” be quiet!”


this is two people dialogue, you need to enter next scene by clicking screen.


here is to save your history, or review the whole story, or automatically show the plots. which has diversified functions.

To sum up, those example game has romantic picture and music, the content is all about the love relationship developing, becoming a superstar, etc, target audience is teenager girls who fancy love imagination. so it has its own market in game competition in china. But what i will do is to use this style and tool to make an online interactive novel.

The next step is to download this tool and study how to use it. Even it is in chinese tutorial but i have to study from it.


here is tutorial guide, they are all free.i will study

i do not know how to insert youtube videos in blog but it is the tutorial, i will take one month to study them all then start to work.








development2: multiple narrative design and generation


Since i confirm the content of interactive narrative is about Hitler, next step is to generate more narrative about his life.

question 1: how to design interactively multiple narratives?

i maybe need to make some framework. But the difficult thing for me is to find the latent logical regulations functioning beneath the daily life, where also work on narrative. i need to make a construction like this.

Another difficult thing for me is to grasp the different people characters, which is really crucial related to what they are going to do leading to what the different ending in stories, i know one of the effective way is to observe from daily life, but my weakness is happened to research others, understand others everyday, i am kind of too much self-conscious person that only take care myself, introspect myself inner thing.

Especially in terms of interaction, i need to offer as much as possibilities, choices, endings, and modes as i can, but i know it is just hard to imitate closer to the real world, because you cannot image what kind of things would happen in reality only by you limited personal imagination and speculation.

After i find this is to hard for me, i think i have to refer others help. my own power is too light, but if lots of people coordinate and work together, it may not be the total same as the real but as least we can go to the reality as close as we can.

Even though, to create multiple narrative, i do not want to enter any dilemma, i could find some novelist help if i am lucky enough.

Question 2: what kind of technology or tool i could use?

Basically, i know i probably still cannot get around the programming if i really need to make a online game style project. But it must have some tools that i can directly use to make this online game.

Another thing is, even it is a challenge, probably i could still climb the mountain. I know i am not so easily to give up. The truth is i have abandoned the Rotten Face due to lack of time or energy but i will not think it is as hard as Rotten Face in terms of programming study. Because there is no precedent programming example of Rotten Face, but it must be lots of tutorials online about how to make a simple game.

Question 3: how to add more research value or study value in this project?

Lots of online games i have played with have features like easily to get addicted, beautiful pictures and excited music, but in other hands, they probably are not good at children and young people development. so how about i could invent these games could let them to learn something and is enjoyable as well?

Go back to Hitler, the first thing i need to do quantitive research about Hitler himself and that period of time in German. Then develop different attractive scenes and options based on research into project.

The second thing is to sketching the framework.

The third thing is to find enough pictures and sounds to fulfil the games.

this is currently the pathway i thought out.