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HSS8121 – Video Analysis as Research Method

I use video as part of my research method in every work I produced. Video is part of my process for self-analysis and as well work as a medium for designing an idea. After a lecture on Video Analysis by John Bowers I found video could also used as a qualitative and interpretative analysis. Video is used as a tool for formative research on my work. I used to record every process I make in video and analysing it afterwards. Using a static shot on tripod and static angle technique with multiple cameras, I could clearly analyse the video in raw and unedited format. Video is also used as a medium for me to look for phenomena of interest. It also opens a possibility for me to analyse how activities are socially organized through body movement, gesture, engagement with objects, and surrounding.

I realised that video analysis is always part of my process without even realise that this could be work as a research method.

Here is an example of video I took several years ago and use it to analyse my performance and my body movement:

Click here to view the embedded video.

HSS8121 – Walking as a research method

What really interesting for me from all the methods I learned from this module was the one when we went out and walk through the city using an earplug to block our hearing. This is really fascinated. I read somewhere that there is walking as research approach that been discussed by academics for the last couple years, but I never practiced it. I love walking, I really like walking for hours just to see what surrounds me and I never consider that I will gain anything from walking beside seeing scenery and sometimes learned something about landscape and Psychogeography.

However, when we did that walking with our ear blocked by earplug, immediately my perception was altered and suddenly I realised and understand why walking could considered as a research method. I think walking has a reflective element, and using walking as part of the research is really understandable. Imaging that you are walking around the city and shut down your hearing so you are focus only with your mind. It will give you a strong reflective aspect, that I think it will also leads as a formative aspect. Beside those things, I think walking is also essential for ethnography and observational research method.

Further reading: Mythogeography: A Guide to Walking Sideways by Phil Smith


p.s I used to walk with my ear covered with earplug or earphone (without music) when I was living in Bangkok every time I went out on prime time 5pm – 8pm. Sometimes the noises from the street (not the people) is just too much it became unbearable.


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