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Project Work #5: Performing Beyond Camera Obscura

I wanted to make this piece quite flexible in term of presenting. It could be an installation and also possible to be presented as a live audiovisual performance while the artifact and concept behind it still the same. Below is the video I tried to perform Beyond Camera Obscura.

Click here to view the embedded video.

I will develop this work further in my spare time. Due time and financial issues (bad reason, but still!) for now this piece only work with three different circuits which produced just three different sound frequencies (low, mid-ish, and high). I wonder how it would be if it was projected in a very big screen, with a tons of kinetic mirror, and multiple circuit devices that will produced various type of sound frequencies attached to, say, surround 15 channel speakers.

Currently reading:

Despite how crazy and radical their ideas, I think they deserve some respect. The idea behind how Antipode against Abrhamic religion as the center of all humankind is one of the other thing on this book that worth to dissect as a concept (or possibly idea) for an interesting creative research and process.

Project Work: #4 Light Beam

Test visual directly from Processing and Optoma projector. I really like the result of this visual and how the pointer could actually change the frequencies of the flicker.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Below is the simple code I wrote to make this flickering.

float c = 0;

float s = 1;


void setup() {


fullScreen(P2D, SPAN);



void draw(){




fill(random(355), c, 255);


ellipse(200, 50, 700, 700);

c = c + s*mouseX;

if (c > 255 || c < 0) {

s = s * -1; }



Project Work: #3 Hacked Circuit

Video of testing out the second and third hacked circuit for my work.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Project Work: #2 Projection


I’ve been work with this project for month now and at least I finished almost 90% of the practical aspect on this project. Through the time and process many idea has been shifted for this project but the thread is still the same. And now this project has a name. It is called Beyond Camera Obscura.

This project relies on space. The space integrated the output for this project, but until now I could’t find any suitable space for this project to work properly

Below are photos and videos of the project on Space8.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Click here to view the embedded video.

Project Work : #1 Circuit Bending

I finally decided what I’m going to make for my HSS8120′s assessment after I thought my previous idea is bit cliche (it was Slit-scan stuff). I’ve been working with film, video, and cinema medium for all of my creative output so it is not going far from there. What I’m trying to make is another Expanded Cinema (I used digital technology to produced motion pictures for this assessment) project, where the light, vibration, and possibly sound communicated each other through series of various connection.

I will post some sketch and brief description later, but this one is a video of light activated device that I bent from an old guitar pedal.

Click here to view the embedded video.

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