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Radial Rectangle and Ellipse Array:


Paul Dourish’s “Where the Action Is” (Chapter 4)

What caught my attention were some questions that the author refers to as posed by the philosophers cited on the text. The first one was Heidegger’s “How does the world reveal itself to us through our encounters with it?” (Page 107). Although that question made me reflect about it how we perceive the world around us, when Dourish says that Heidegger claims that “the meaningfulness of everyday experience lies not in the head, but in the world” I had to disagree with that. I believe that one strong way in which we perceive the world is in our heads, sometimes we try to avoid some aspects of reality by distorting it and creating another one that mostly exists in our heads, and the problem is that sometimes we are not aware of that. For example, people who have trouble sleeping can claim that the sounds surrounding them are the only reason for the insomnia and, the more they believe in that assumption, the more the world around them became worse in their heads, affecting how the everyday experience is perceived. It’s a unfortunate combination of the world around and the world inside.

The other one is a question posed by Schutz “Given that our experience of the world are fundamentally our own, how can we achieve, between different individuals, a common experience of the world, and a shared framework of meaning?” (Page 111). I think that is one of the questions, which is posed in my head from time to time, because if a satisfactory answer could be found, it would make it easier to produce a type of art that could reach the most possible amount of people. But I think that is a question that maybe is impossible to achieve, because people change all the time by being influenced by others and influencing others and it’s hard to find a common ground.

And the sentence that most caught my attention was Wittgenstein’s “To imagine a language is to imagine a form of life”. That’s the one who is going to be stuck in my head for some time, but for now I don’t know exactly how that it will impact my work…

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