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It is the first time and a great chance to have a chat with and listen to a Japanese harpsichordist, Mie Hayashi, playing her special instrument this week. This beautifully patterned design is called a Harpsichord, which I’ve never heard of it before ever. If we have hammering on a piano, then for harpsichord, it will produce sound by plucking strings while we press the keys.

Hayashi said that there is no sustain pedal for a Harpsichord like we had on a piano (Hayashi, 2015), this may be because there was no sustain pedal effect in the taste of the classical baroque music during the renaissance and baroque eras. If one plays such a classical instrument within a new aged period, can we call this neoclassicism?

It is very interesting because harpsichord sounds like an electric instrument, which in fact it is not. Half a harp, half a guitar, it suits best for those who are sensitive to the higher frequencies. This, may be an example of its sound if you would like to hear: (1:37 – 2:25)


Hayashi, M. (2015) Lunchtime Concert: The Herschel Trio. Newcastle: King’s Hall, Newcastle University. 26 February.

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