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16×4 LCD Screen – Testing Out (18 March 2014)


This is my first attempt to use 16×4 LCD screens. I am planning to use these LCDs on my tangible Grasshopper Interface to monitor values of parameters in the 3D Digital Model.

Arduino and Rhino/Grasshopper/Firefly

ardui grass

A different way of programming an arduino.

There are plenty of plug ins created for arduino but the most popular one among designers who uses Rhino plug in Grasshopper ( like me, is Firefly. Basically its a plug in for a plugin working on Rhino (CAD software) , however very useful to create physical performative models and prototypes. Its interface is very similar to Max MSP and based on same principle. If anyone  interested in learning Firefly I can share my resources. Below is my sketch created in Grasshopper with Firefly plug. It both controls the servo according to the data received from an LDR, also manipulate the digital model simultaneously.

Entire Grasshopper Script

The Firefly Script