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developing research

What’s changed

–      My work initially leant on the idea of aiding malady’s in some way. From this point I have stretched out to include other areas by researching materials and seeing where development leads through speculative research.

–       Originally I solely focused on the glove for Raynaud’s concept, however I have now expanded with speculative research to include further materials and artistic or fashion representations of ideas/research as further pieces.

–       Research continues to include various technology and materials; both new and recently broadened to be available to the public and the archaic.

Theory had looked at the divide between art and science, how together they have shown great promise and in many cases combining practises seen as very different have aided one another. A recent talk on TED[ Michelle Borkin: Can astronomers help doctors?] showed how astronomy and its software have been able to first map some scans and information only previously seen as 2D/flat in medical procedures. In the field of art Eduardo Kac [ Alba the fluorescent bunny] used genetics to engineer a glow in the dark rabbit. Material technology research continues combining various areas, so examples of this in arts and science will aid the theory for textiles futures research.







[Above left image shows silver glove alongside prototype, right shows a close up of the silver glove showing the silver strands, image below shows an early hat design illustration. Click on images to enlarge.]

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