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Hi, I’m Megan. MA Creative Arts Practice student at Newcastle University, and fine art photographer. Hopefully this course will give me the opportunity to branch out from my traditional ways of working, collaborating with people from other disciplines and experimenting with different mediums.

My main area of interest is the intangible heritage of people and communities from ‘lost’ places, and how their heritage is effected by ‘losing’ these places.

Since 2014 I have been working on the Cragside series, my first introduction to working with lost places. Although as a location Cragside still exists, the estate is now operated by the National Trust. The legacy of the families who lived and worked there, my family, is no longer visible and is known to few. Using my family’s large collection of domestic photographs, I have been attempting to re-tell their story by exploring how the landscape has changed since their time working there. I have been finding the original locations of their photographs, creating a new family album mapping the original images onto their contemporary counterparts.



To see more of my photography work please check out my website or like my Facebook page

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