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Abencoada- Orixas’ Index

These are some tracks I’ve been working on using Brazilian tv shows, soap operas and other cultural references taken from online videos and field recording. The audio was then registered with tape recorders and mixed with scratched vinyl loops plugged into different pedals. I also used simple beats from an old school sequencer, recorded vocals with headphones turned microphones and contact mics.

The process to produce the tracks came after images I’ve created using Christian propaganda art references, mixed to soap opera scenes and notions of the heavy consumption of cheap plastic goods in Brazil in contrast to the current trends of going sustainable or trying to bring down environmental footprint.

The idea is to produce short tracks in the pop music fashion reflecting Brazilian representations incarnated in the strong Christian presence in Brazil and mainstream Brazilian soap operas, all compiled in an open- ended audio- visual catalog called Orixas' Index. This is a work in pro[c]ess.

Abencoada means "blessed" in Portuguese and it's a friendly popular way people address strangers or friends in the area called Reconcavo da Bahia.

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