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Here is another quote that didn’t make into the essay:

“In media studies, Keller wrote, the Transdisciplinary operation of cultural studies draws on a range of fields to theorize the complexity and contradictions of media/culture/communications. It moves from text to contexts, pushing boundaries of class, gender, rance, ethnicity, and other identities (Media culture 27-28)”

Klein, J. T., 2005. Humanities, Culture, and Interdisciplinarity: The Changing American Academy. Albany: State University of New York Press


Finding Stephen Fry’s English Delight episode about cliché was a pleasant surprise. Not only I could rest my eyes from reading (as said before), but also there were great quotes, like this one by Julia Cresswell that likes cliché so much that she wrote a dictionary about it called “The cat’s pajamas“.

 “The reason why we use clichés is actually they are very efficient. This is particularly obvious if you look at the sort of clichés that is been use by journalists or politicians. So they say a lot more because of their social associations and people’s experience of how they have been used in the past. They build up to very effective ways of getting your own emotions or channeling your thoughts in certain directions. People get so worked up about clichés. And think that they are bad when perhaps they are not necessarily all bad, when certainly they give us a history of our culture, some of them are extraordinary old, some very new.”

So, how can clichés make us connect with each other? That’s the part I am writing now… but that’s exclusive for the essay. This is just a teaser.