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Entrepreneurship Project: Final Pitching Video – “Multi-functional Wall Holder”

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 13.14.36

This version improved the idea of making several small wood hooks on the surface in order to be more user-friendly for keeping daily items.

Short Intro:
Multi-functional Wall Holder is a wall shelf which is made of claimed timber, making a stylish furniture with rustic minimum style placed in home place.


Pull-out design with embedded rotatable hooks.


The product’s funding goal will be 15,000 pounds for the purpose of that renting a wood shop where CNC machine can manufacture the products in the long-term.

Pledge Level  / Type    Shipping
£59 Basic wall shelf with 1 piece of 5 hooks Not included
£79 Basic wall shelf with 2 pieces of 3 hooks each Included
£99 Custom wall shelf with 2 pieces of 5 hooks each Included
£119 Special Order Custom type with ordered words/shapes/colour of painting Included

Your contribution will make it become achievable regarding purchasing the better ex-Scaffold boards and manufacturing the products by high quality to make this project a success.

Entrepreneurship Project: Prototype version 1

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 17.08.03

This latest version is designed by using reclaimed timber as keeping the concept of eco-friendly. Meanwhile it is removed the function of home automation under the consideration of budget and similar home automation products after doing the relevant research. This version is clearer the main function of wall items holder. What could be seen that lighter part, it is higher than the surface and there is a groove in each deep colour part, which is designed for the purpose of holding items and letters.

Entrepreneurship Project: Market Research (After Peer Review)


Home automation – Z waves

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats “smart”. Z-Wave products “talk” to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet or pc. (source from Z-wave official website, 2014)

After Peer Review, I was thinking of the product in terms of ‘more effective’ and ‘saving more space’. Home automation part was considered about ‘high-effectivity’ in daily purpose. And door-lock and auto lighting parts were mainly considered based on the consideration of high frequency of use.

However, I found that the market of Z-wave Home automation is relatively mature during the further research.

Z-Wave is by far the world’s most widely-deployed ecosystem for smart home products. “When it comes to wireless residential control applications, Z-Wave has no real competitors,” said Z-Wave Alliance Chairman Mark Walters. ” [...] In the US, Z-Wave now has greater than 80% share of the residential security lifestyle market, and we expect to extend that leadership throughout the world as the smart home market continues to grow.” (Z-Wave Alliance, 2013)

It also can be found that the range of price of Z-wave products is mainly from £50 – 200 (price source from According to this range of price, it can be predicted that the prototype of wall holder has the function of home automation, then the potential budget will be much higher. On the other hand, the products launched in the market have a small and portable shape (e.g. Z-Wave Gateway VERA lite), which means wall holder with home automation function has less competitive among the similar home automation products regarding the size, the convenient extent of installation, meanwhile there will arise another potential risk of maximum load capability of wall holder.

To sum up, the concept of home automation will be removed and focuses just on multifunctional wall holder to organise daily items better.
(Pictures of Home Automation Products, Source from Amazon)

VeraLite (2008). Available at: [Accessed 1 May, 2014].
Z-Wave. Available at: [Accessed 1 May, 2014].
Z-Wave Alliance (2013). Z-Wave Extends Leadership In Internet of Things.  Available at: [Accessed 1 May, 2014].

Entrepreneurship Project: Similar Products Research (Before Peer Review)


Wall Memo Holder

Memo Holder Clip (£7 - 18)

This product as one of the standard memo stand launched in the market. And the most similar products of this type with different shape is used by wood / metal with steel wires. The advantage is that the shape is small and convenient, but it also can be a potential disadvantage in the terms of the limitation of memo’s number, so these products are refined to its practical ways of holding several memos.

Umbra Petal Photo Display (£25 – 30)
Peacock Photo Picture Card Memo Note Holder Stand (£5 – 10)

These two types of products provide the similar concept of using the shape of tree / animal, which is the advanced memo clip in aspects of shape and function. However, the weakness of the products is that they emphasis on the shape part instead of the practical part so that the negative feedbacks from customers are mainly based on the comments of its unstable problem. It can be seen that this extended tree shape is more suitable for home place since it need to be occupied more space.

According to the survey among the materials and similar products, there are some potential problems could be found, such as the unstable, limited holding number of memos and unclear application between holding photos and notes. So, the prototype of Memo Note  Stand will mainly focus on avoiding these problems.

It will be designed by eight assembled pieces with three 2mm holes in the top, middle and bottom, and they can be fixed by screw. The most problem of production is that it need to be considered whether it will be the sturdy or not, since the prototype will be made by recycled cardboard. And it also is the general problem that has been mentioned from some customers’ feedback for ‘top-heavy’ problem with portable memo holders. To solve this problem, the prototype will use the concept of clock, which is,  several flexible pieces can be fixed on the tray by screw.

The most advantage of Memo Note Stand is its assembling function. Customers are able to assemble different numbers of pieces according to their demands, and this also  can be a creative progress for customer to design their own Memo holder, rather than purchasing a ready-made product.

Entrepreneurship Project: Changes after review

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 15.37.29

After peer review, I mainly improve the prototype in terms of the concept of ‘more effective’ and ‘saving more space’. I would like to call it – ‘Wall Nanny’. It focuses on home customers. The materials of this product are wood, and the function of it is to hold the clothes / hat / keys etc. in a more well-organised way, meanwhile, the electronic part is designed for the consideration of home safe.

Talking to the electronic part, the screen will show the updated date and weather connected with computer by wireless, and it also checks the information of door safety which is directly connected to electronic devices (e.g. mobile phone, iPad, laptop) by supported device z-wave.

This part can be demounted as a separated part from the whole.

Right images source:

After separating, the hollow part can also become a space of keeping items. The prototype of objects holder is designed from two parts. There are three rotatable wood hooks which can be flexible to pull open. The back side shows the hidden part that can be pull out by the bottom of right side (seeing on the screen).
There are four rotatable wood hooks designed on the slider.

The sample of using it – customers can put keys and clothes when they comes home. To be honest, I  haven’t think of size and price deeply now, just build up the prototype based on the concept, but will do more research in the electronic part these days in order to check the feasibility of outcome and its price, meanwhile asking the potential customers about it. I will clarify them and the maximum of load-bearing after doing the marketing research.

Entrepreneurship: Peer Review – ‘Wall Memo Holder’

yinzhenbao pitch with Jun

Yesterday, Jun reviewed my product ‘Wall Memo Holder’.

He was really helpful, especially in the the direction of making a clearer concept part. He asked why it would save time and save space and suggested to focus one or two main concept of this product. I did not think of this part deeply until he told me, as well as the part of trying to think about ‘more fun’ with different shapes like animals meanwhile thinking about architectural concept, such as origami polygon. And he also suggested me to combine the concept of eco-friendly with more fun, and took the example of tree polygon.

After rethinking the concept of this product, although it was designed by the idea of eco-friendly, people don’t need to use too many memos in their normal daily life and other electronic reminder can help them as well. For that reason, I would build up the product in terms of more practical way, that is, focusing on the concept of ‘well-organised / more effective’ and ‘saving more space’, instead of ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘more fun’.

He also inspired me to think about a reasonable price of the product, which could be amended by doing more relevant marketing research. I will improve this part after making a survey of materials and the similar products in the market first.

For the pitch video, Jun suggested me to make more examples of the prototype in the further one, which could help the viewers to understand the pitching better. I would improve the presentation by adding the introduction of the product.

Many thanks!

Entrepreneurship: Peer Review – ‘Unbrellable’

Yesterday I reviewed Wenchang’s Unbrellable.

I really like the tumbler concept of this product and the shape looks simple and exquisite. However, the function of this product did not be quite so clear until Wenchang explained it. For example, I noticed that there are 8 holes on this funnel and I was not sure in the design part of this stand – assuming one or uneven number of umbrella(s) would be put into the stand or the different weight of umbrellas, how does it work? Wenchang shared her idea of it, she told me that there would be lots of heavy particles like sand which could balance the weight at the bottom of this stand. We discussed the weight that suitable particles could have in this stand and thought more about different shapes instead of tumble function. I suggested if she could reference different shapes like fold and unfold, mulit-layers that could be suitable more types of umbrella in this function as well as saving more space.

For the light function of this product, I was wondering was it designed for public place, such as workplace where has more flowing of people, and how does it work, by battery or charge? Wenchang introduced this product would be mainly aimed the door place at home so that people who came home at night could find the objects much easier. I proposed to doing the survey of the demands in different places, for example, finding some relevant principle of how the battery could work in similar products and spaces so that could help her to improve her product in the practical process and achieve the outcome better.

I also asked the clock function, we discussed some possibilities of how to make this product have clearer setting. Wenchang told me she were thinking to remove this part and asked that, or, if it could project larger image on the wall when the user used it. I suggested she needed to consider more factors of space and selling point of this product. If it was designed as the multi-media home installation which would be set at the door place, it would be not quite necessary to set it due to people’s general behaviour. I proposed to think customers’ psychology, if the clock function could be separated from the installation as a small electronic time installation which could be presented for free with Unbrellable. On the other hand, if clock was designed by the effect of projecting, then the unrestricted space with living room need to be considered as well so that people could be easy to get time. I suggested her that she need to think about the selling point of this product itself, which, focusing one or two parts, such as umbrella stand and light sensor, instead of three functions. Besides, I said if it could add some signs on the installation for those who never used it before could be a good experiment to be more user-friendly.

Finally, I think this product will be competitive in either the creative concept or the function after building it up in a more practical parts, meanwhile designer need to collect the materials information in order to think which part could be removed or take less consideration on it, since it is a ingenious multi-electronic installation that can spend designer’s overload in making  a practical outcome. After it has a direct evaluation, then it can be set a reasonable the price.

Pitching: 100% recycled Wall Memo Holder


Simple, recycled, assembled, versatile Memo Holder that allows you to assemble it you’d like. Gives you an orderly memos to arrange your schedule more effective.

Wall Memo Holder is designed in the belief that it should benefit either our customers or the environment. Really hopes you could be part of our members in this project.

Why Wall Memo Holder?
Wall Memo Holder is utility and flexibility for supporting every workplace or home place, but in a creative, accessible and fun style. It is devised an ultra simple 2-6 pieces that allows you the utmost adjust it by creative assembling according to your events on different memos. And the tray that allows to be fixed on the wall will not occupy the space.

Save more time and Go ‘Green’!
No longer have to face the mess pieces memos around your table and wall. Wall Memo Holder is perfect for studying / working / home place. Whatever you are doing short-term plan, or remind household matters, it helps you to handle them more convenient and more effective. The material is used in recycled and clean cardboard. Wall Memo Holder gives more fun to the shape you create by several pieces and adjust them immediately to remind yourself what’s going on and what’s the prior event.

Why to be kickstarter for this project?
I am coming to you become kickstarters is to make the cost effective and eco-friendly creative products outcome for anyone can afford to purchase. The concept behind the product is to give people a friendly and organised reminder, as well as contributed on that it saves more space for the place and save more time to handle the prior or trivial matters in daily life. Plus, Kickstarts will be able to order your UNIQUE shape of the tray and pieces!

Thank you for your support!

Pledge levels
Receive the assembled 6 pieces with the tray.
UK shipping not included.
+ £5 for international

Receive the assembled 8 pieces with the tray.
UK shipping included.
+ £5 for international

Receive the assembled 8 pieces with shape ordered tray (sample example as below, order your own one).
UK shipping included.
+ £5 for international


Where is the money going?

Shipping & Delivery
All Wall Memo Holders will be dispatched from UK. UK backers will receive theirs via 1 class royal mail; International backers will get parcels with tracking via UPS.

Risks and challenges
The Potential risk is that materials are crumpled during shipping. To avoid this problem, the package is the firm packaging inside to make sure it can be delivered to you safely.