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Ghibli FanFiction Stage 2


Working with Kinect in Processing (supervised by Tom Schofield), and he now finally can listen to my hand’s response. You rock! This is what I like about you ススワタリ, always hard working.

I will going to capture and send you to Pure Data in the next Stage. You will carry the X and Y coordinates for me, won’t you?  Trust me, you’ll be fine. All you have to do is to bang a Bang in Pure Data, then you can meet all your pals there in the boiler room. This time Kamaji won’t be there so don’t worry.

Alright. Good luck to both of us.

Dissertation project development: Stage 1



Stage 1:

Ghibli FanFiction ジブリファンフィクション practice in progress. Sacrificing space just for the first setup with projector. No more bed to sleep, but worth trying.

Stage 2 plan:

- Try replacing the current webcam with a Kinect. Advised by Dr. Tom Schofield.

- Try physical build up for connecting the relationship between the virtual Ghibli world and human interaction together, which is the original concept: to be in and experience the place.

- Fix technical bugs in Pure Data.

- Get the cardboard sheets to make the physical objects in the virtual Ghibli world.

- ……………………

ジブリの世界。 Inspiration for dissertation

Being in and experience the place.

Inspired by Minecraft project by artist Alan Becker.

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