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Prototype: Ghibli Orchestra スタジオジブリ-未来のコンサート


Ghibli Orchestra is a for fan & by fan future orchestra for Studio Ghibli popular films’ fans. The original concept is enjoy the nights with self-perform covers or self-made fan art digital painting images.

For more detail about the prototype, please follow the link below for the video demonstration. This version of the prototype, which is developed using Autodesk Maya, shows a fan who plays the theme songs from Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro to experience the imagined worlds of the films in realtime.

Do you know what are the main reasons for why the world needs Studio Ghibli? Yes, because the characters and the imagined worlds matter.

Do you agree with Joe Hisaishi that that imagined worlds can never be drawn without the rich theme songs?


Draw and share your digital works within over 20 Ghibli famous films from Castle in The Sky「天空の城ラピュタ」, Whisper of The Heart「耳をすませば」, My Neighbor Totoro「となりのトトロ」, to Spirited Away「千と千尋の神隠し」. And accompany us.

Fans as audience:

Arrive to see how creatively your art is displayed on the huge concert hall’s 360 degree wall.

Fans as performers:

Come to perform with any of the theme songs from any films you favour the most, enjoy the fan arts of the theme while you are playing in realtime, to be “right there” in the fiction.

Ghibli Orchestra provides an opportunity for our Ghibli fans to meet and experience realtime audio-visual art set. We are pleased to welcome all fans from any disciplines, no matter who you are and what you do, as long as you are proud of being a Ghibli fan, this festival is by you and for you.


Accent Creative's Bass Music VJ Kit

Following on from my idea for the HSS8120 module I hve been looking for inspiration of how to present my work.

I have been following Accent Creative’s work for some time and remembered that they had released the Bass Music VJ Kit.
Whilst the visual style of the loops are not to my liking, I do enjoy how they are presented.

I want to create a ‘VJ Kit’ of my own, to deliver my own visual style in a professional manner.

As deliverables I would like to produce:
- A set of video loops that can be used to VJ with, all cohereing to a visual style.
- A final release video of a short ‘mini-mix’.
- An example of the created content in a real scenario.
All presented in a PDF document and on a branded webpage.




HSS8120 Idea

Clive Wright VJ

After talking with John about the requirments of the HSS8120 module I have decided that I would like to create a new visual identity for my creative practice as a VJ.

I would like to create a new set of loops that could be used in a VJ set, which could also be translated as a new identity for myself, to be used on business cards and my website.

I feel this would be a good project route to go down as it focuses on the primary component of my creative practice, allowing me to develop my identity and skill set at the same time.

The next step will be for me to research into styles that I like and the successful components that I currently use.

Controversies to Blinky LEDs – Serial Problems

We looked at the idea of “Controversies to Blinky LEDs”, the idea to look at world problems and translate them through the use of blinking LEDs.

My concept was to look at the idea that even though we have a greater access to news around the world than we ever have we still hear about sad, depressing or upsetting stories. It seems that the media perpetually enjoy portraying the world we live in as a dark and murdeous place.

Therefore I have written a processing and arduino script that turn off and on LEDs to show what kind of news is being reported. There will be a red light for bad and a green light for good. The concept will challenge peoples perception of the news by almost always having a red LED turned on.

Below is my Processing script which scarpes the BBC news RSS feed for a chosen word. This should then send serial data to the Arduino if it finds the word or not, in turn, switching the LEDs on and off. However, I am currently having trouble with the serial communictaion.

import processing.serial.*; //This allows us to use serial objectsSerial port; // Create object from Serial class

String s[] = loadStrings(“”);

String p = “”;

String searchTerm = “bbc”;

void setup(){
//Check serial connections//Arduino Connection//
String portName = Serial.list()[0]; //[x] where X=Arduino from serial list
port = new Serial(this, portName, 9600); //Establish the connection rate
void draw(){
//for every line
for(int i=0;i<s.length;i++){
//append the line on to the the variable p to give us one big string of page contents
p += s[i];

String startMarker = “<title>”; //tag to start on
String endMarker = “</description>”; //tag to end on

int start = p.indexOf(startMarker);
p = p.substring(start+startMarker.length(),p.length());

int end = p.indexOf(endMarker);
String st = p.substring(0,end);
String [] wordList = splitTokens(st,” “); //seperate words

boolean word_exists = false;
for(int e=0;e<wordList.length;e++){
word_exists = true;
port.write(‘A’); //if word is found send serial to Arduino
println(“*************FOUND THE WORD!*************”);

port.write(‘C’); //if not, send this serial to Arduino
void stop() {


Web Scraping with Processing

After our workshop with Tom on Webscraping we were asked to go and try scraping some data ourselves. We looked at writing a scraper in Python, which I found a little hard to get my head around. As I have worked in Processing before it seemed logical to try and replicate a scraper using P5.

The following code can be inout into Processing and used to scrape the HTML data from a given URL and output a number based on the amount of lines scraped.

String lines[] = loadStrings(“”);  //Input chosen URL here
void draw(){
println(“there are ” + lines.length + ” lines”); //This states “There are X lines”
for (int i = 0 ; i < lines.length; i++) { //following counts ‘i’ for each line scraped
  println(lines[i]); //Prints ‘i’ after counted
delay(1000); //Time delay for scraper to run

My idea for the use of this webscraper would be to be used on a live updated webpage, hence the addition of the timer (delay) at the bottom instead of a stop command.

Web Scraping

We looked at different kinds of data scraping today.
Here is a short Python sketch we looked at that looked for  information of recent earthquakes:

#!/usr/bin/env python

import scraperwiki
import requests
import lxml.html

html = requests.get(“”).content

dom = lxml.html.fromstring(html)

count = 0

for row in dom.cssselect(‘tr’):
this_row = “”
for cell in row:
print this_row

unique_keys = [ 'id' ]
data = {‘id’:count, ‘data’: this_row}, data)


We also looked at the Wiki API.
Here is my example that looks at the most recent changes to the ‘Cat’ Wiki:


“Design for Crime”


We were set the brief “Design for Crime” with the aim to collaborate with colleagues to create a rationale, a concept and understanding of how to realise our idea. The broad terms of the statement allowed us to create an end product of any form.

noun: crime; plural noun: crimes
An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law.
Some of the key questions raised were:
  • Why do people commit crime?
  • What do people feel towards crime?
  • How do criminals feel before, during and after they commit a crime?

What is the motivation behind crime?

  • Love
  • Power
  • Impulsion/Inebriation
  • Money
  • Forced

After defining these key areas that we believed were the reason that a person would commit a crime we split them down further.

  • Love – To keep a family together, to avenge a loved one or to gain the love of somebody.
  • Power – To gain power or to abuse your power over others.
  • Impulsion/Inebriation – The want to just commit a crime or mentally impaired by substances.
  • Money – The lack of money or abuse to gain more money
  • Forced – Being told to commit a crime.

Again each of these reasons could be split down further or have examples paired with them.

Whist discussing each reason in depth it became apparent that each area overlapped.

As we defined these terms we realised that this was a key element to discovering what we would each want to create in terms of the brief.

After discussing how we had decided to define the reasons behind crime to the rest of the group it soon became apparent that there were many different routes we could pursue with the information we had. Ideas from an interactive app about the reasons behind crime to a Role playing game where you are the criminal.

The discussion was then led on to how the film “A short film about killing” by Krzysztof Kieślowski also looks at these themes in terms of Politics, law and social class and also how the defined terms can also relate to our goals in life.


“A moveable performance space designed to explore the dialogical relationship between the artist and audience”
- CHI 2011 | Interactivity 2 Open

“Participants approach the structure and are encouraged to make contact with the humanaquarium’s touch sensitive transparent screen. Their touches and gestures influence the sonic and visual properties of the musicians’ ongoing performance, allowing the participants to share in the performance development. Fantastical sounds and imagery emanate from within the unprepossessing wooden box which rests simply on the ground. “
- About Humanaquarium


JitterAbleton Live
Infrared LED – Used for touch screen
Creative Core Vision
DMX controlled lighting


Two strategies for creative practice:

Be reflexive: Be reflective and responsive about the meaning of your own ideas and experiences.

Defamiliarise: Consider alternative perspectives on your ideas and experiences.

About Me – Picture Collage

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