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Project Work

Project Work


Blog of the project can be found HERE.

Pure Data DMX Patch: Click to Download here.

Report: Click here to download

Final Presentation: Click here to download


Prototype Video:


Industry Scenario Video:




The Final Stage Setup

DMX bowsers

Pure Data patch in situ


Utilising my project: Scenario

bowser Layout

Last week I was in contact with Canal Mills in Leeds about their New Years Day event in partnership with Mono_cult.
Within these discussions I had mentioned my DMX control solution that I have created. The Pure Data patch lends itself to the club as it was designed to be simple to use to keep the colours of lights in sync with video content being played by a VJ.
At Canal Mills the technicians who control the lights are also responsible for the sound control and DJs which means that the lighting desk is vacated for long periods of time. In this time there may be ‘drops’ in songs or increase in tempo meaning that the unsupervised lights can become out of sync with the visuals and atmosphere of the club.
My solution allowed me, as a VJ, to control main lights bypassing the need to learn the complexities of the lighting desk whilst maintaining the atmosphere of the club.

After these initial discussions it was suggested that I design a new element for the stage to implement the new lighting control for maximum impact.
I suggested building a new structure using IBC tanks with lights installed inside of them.

Below is my initial concept:

The white cubes being the IBC tanks and the black rectangles being the existing projection mapping in the DJ riser and PA towers.
The IBC tanks were chosen as to fit in with aesthetic of the the club defined by the promoters as grungy.


I have just used my DMX program in an exciting project!

bowser b&w

Further application

I have been thinking about how my DMX controller can be utilised and furthered.
I set off with wanting to create an AV installation however, with time constraints that is probably not a viable option.

I have therefore decided upon how the software I have developed can further my skills and options as a VJ:

The obvious answer being that I am now able to affect the lighting to correspond to the visuals that I would use in a gig scenario.

Pure Data DMX controller ‘walkthrough’

I’ve created a small video showing how each section interacts and controls connected DMX lights.
In the video you will see a small structure with 8 LED strips wired into a 27 channel DMX controller which is recieving messages from an Arduino Uno managed by Pure Data.


I’ve been thinking about producing sound for my installation for a little while and as of yet haven’t had much inspiration.
However I came across this EP where five composers sampled, processed, reconstructed and synthesised original sources  exclusively from the original recordings of NASA.

The original NASA sound recordings can be found here:

The idea of producing music out of what wouldn’t normally be considered as musical sounds is very inspring and something I would like to explore.

Final DMX controller in Pure Data

Pure Data DMX

Here is the final outcome for my Pure Data DMX controller:

The patch can be downloaded via this link.

All the controls are housed within Graph objects to keep the final patch organised and easy to view when working with it.
To communicate with the Arduino I have added Toggles to switch on and off the serial commands and to create a list of the computers comports.

All other toggles, bangs and sliders control red, green, blue and white of individual or all lights plugged into the 27-channel fader. The first two smaller boxes controlling all the lights and the second two controlling each individual light.

The larger boxes to the right of the patch control the colour of each light seperately allowing an array of colours to be created.

I have added in a sequencer to the bottom left of the patch that can be set to a tempo and the lights can be controlled to flash specific colours to the beat.

Existing AV installations

1024 Architecture

I love all of 1024 Architectures projects however Tesseract really stands out as a real feat of art and code being merged to create a large scale installation.
Tesseract comprises of 45 moving head lights installed onto a scaffhold cube. Each light has the ability to move in every direction to create new, evolving shapes using there beams, all controlled form custom software written by 1024 themselves.



Squarepusher, a producer and performer known for his fast breakbeats and bass music includes the use of LED walls and LED mask in his performance.
While he doesn’t let much go about how the visuals are generated we can see that they are all in sync with the music.


Novak 3D Disco

Utilising anaglyph 3D techniques Novak 3D Disco comprises of a DJ and VJ setup where visuals and music are completely synced. Through the use of Ableton Live, Modul8 and a Max MSP patch MIDI helps the performers stay completely in time with each other whilst triggering sound and visuals.


The V Motion project

Consisting of two Kinects running into to two computers, one Windows the other Mac, and Ableton Live to control the sound and visuals created in Open Frameworks and projected onto the side of a building, The V Motion project looks at the collaboration of dance and music through the use of exploding visuals, contemporary dance and heavy bass.

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