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Diamond in the rough (Bathhouse)


Diamond in the rough (The Bathhouse) | Live Electronic Performance project


Inspired by Dr. Ben Freeth’s work (Decoded in discovery museum). Ben advised me to combine Arduino and Puredata together to have some fun.


Bathhouse in Miyazaki’s best film Spirited Away is the place to start. The place for gods to come and take a bath. Place where spirits meet. This led me to the decision to use the fog maker (inspired by Ben).

A design in small aquarium is the result of this approach. Aquarium gravel and rocks are the main needed materials for the mystic view design. Combing with simple chords writing from logic pro, I designed a simple music box with carton and letter envelopes, then covered the theme song from the film.


Simply testing with sound data sending from Arduino to Puredata. Use all fresh skills I learned from Professor John Bowers’s live electronic performance module and Dr. Tom Schofield’s Arduino sessions.


☹ + ♫ = ☺


My Demo ここ:


My bedroom became a discotheque by running a song loop for the whole night with this test. Only one RGB led was found on the kit, so could not make a trivalent blinking try.

This little board opens a whole imaginary world to creative people for sure. Wiring is the most time consuming part maybe, but once we think of the result we are going to see, we will almost forget who we are. In fact, we are no-one in this world… So… shut the light off… It is time for some music with LEDs.

My first text rain (Real Time data scraping)


Text, text, and text! I love text! I love words! People might lie to you but words never! This time I can scrap the data and play with it in real time!!!

Every week I call my mom and she always suggests me what to eat for healthy life in UK. I have taking her notes down, scraping Newcastle forecast data from the online news, combining them together in Processing to create my first real time visual piece.

Based on the current temperature, whenever it is cold or hot, all appropriate foods and drinks from the list of my mom’s suggestion will show up.

The piece runs non-stoppedly, I never miss one of her suggestions, I never miss a home food.

My Demo:

Scraping data with Processing


Just found a statistic quite interesting so went right to the computer and started visualising some data into balloons with Processing 2+ that Tom suggested. Red balloons go for the total users and Yellow balloons represent the new users.

The data covers lots of statistics but I decided to scrap the two simple things. First of all is the rise of the number of internet users. Following by the comparison between the amount of the total users and new users over the decade.

The current 2014 year is the most noisy year for a total of ~ 39 millions people who can get online while there were online about 1 million users if we look back to the year of 2001.

But interestingly, the numbers of new users every year differ. During the last year 2013 for example, there were only 2% people who decided to join the internet. But in 2005 on the other hand, there were about 68% of the total users who started surfing the web.

Statistic URL:

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