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Creative Web – reminder

Creative Web students – the presentations next week will take place at 4pm in space 7 – Please note the change of time.

Creative Web 2012 / 2013 – Week 7

The beginning of the session was spent discussing project ideas – remember to keep it simple, achievable and to be open minded / creative about how people will interact with the work. A strong idea and concept is key – once you have that the rest will follow. IMPORTANT: Next week’s presentations will be held […]

Creative Web 2012/2013 – week 6

A summary of week 5 of the Creative Web module… Introduction – general catch up ————————————— We began by discussing some ideas around the final project and the content of last week’s session. The remainder of the session revolved around exercises to stimulate collaboration and ideas around the final project theme. Creative Thinking – Stop […]

Creative Web 2012/13 Week 5

We began the session by wrapping up assignment 1 – the deadline for which has now passed. The remainder of the session Stevie presented his own practice and various examples of electronic literature. You can download a pdf of the slides here: electronic_literature_slides They don’t include the images relating to Stevie’s work but you can [...]

Creative Web 2012/2013 – Week 4

Identity assignment ————————- The session revolved around a discussion of progress that has been made on the first assignment. Students were reminded to post online and comment on the online posts of others in order to gain maximum marks for participation. Creative Web student blogs are available at: We discussed the [...]

Creative Web 2012/13 – week 3

Introduction —————– After catching up on introductions we looked at the DM courseblog and developed some fictional characters for use in the first assignment (which was also assigned). We then discussed the history of the internet and introduced the idea of web 2.0. It was noted that the schedule (including some of the assignment deadlines) [...]

Creative Web 2012/13 week 1

Welcome to Creative Web and Interactive Narrative! Here’s a summary of the introductory session… Introduction —————- The bulk of the session was spent going over the module handbook in detail and discussing the content and assessment requirements for the module as well as expectations for the course. The Creative Web page on the blog will [...]
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