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Diving Board, Spring+Mushroom

Spring copy

ARC8016, Individual Project, Swim Pool, or So


The stapler in the second row used to be broken. It is called Lyreco and can be regarded as a brand (formally it may stand for an office products distributor, see;jsessionid=0000WswWQ01bjOnoT36jI_FrNyH:16q10milh?lc=HKHK). It uses 24/6 and 26/6 types of staples. The main problem was that the spring fell (or missed).

Problem solving process (method: incremental development borrowed from programming, ARC8016 Grasshopper tutorial session 1):

1. Find a brand that has the similar size, follows similar physical structure and stapling principle, and uses the same staple types: Advantia, 24/6 and 26/6 (see the first row above and for more information about the products); Observe it and imagine how the Lyreco should be like once fixed.

2. Dismantle the problem into three steps:

(1) Fix the ring on one end of the spring onto the hook of the metal plate (see column three). Though the hooks face towards different directions respectively in these two brands, it doesn’t add difficulty in hooking it for Lyreco.

(2) Notice that the spring in Advantia circles around that short white pillar and goes out through the hole on the left (Row 1, Column 4), then it was at first imagined that Lyreco could follow the same route. However, it was tried and found that once the spring went in to that rectangular hole (Row 2, Column 4), it couldn’t be grasped and stretched out of the left rectangular hole. Fingers didn’t work, neither did gravity. Then a clip was used to make it out.

(3) Fix the ring on the other end of the spring onto the hook of the long rectangular white plate (maybe it’s called carriage). Though part of the spring has suffered plastic deformation, meaning that it couldn’t be as tight as the original (Column 5 for comparison), it doesn’t affect its work at all.


1.  (1) Diving boards are mainly used for competitions or formal trainings. They lack entertainment element when the clients of the swim pool are children. Therefore a mushroom like board with springs underneath/within its stem is to create for fun, uniform, and aesthetics if the theme of the swim pool is mushroom world.

(2) Be cautious to decide the spring’s material: Being rustproofed because it is near the water body; Bear children’s weight and resist plastic deformation.

2. (1) The old or the broken can be useful, in one condition that the problem is accurately defined and the solution is organized in clear steps.





Environmentally Friendly……or Not?

ASUS original white packaging+Wires+Paper Clip+Buttons&Beadings

Defamiliarize     Reflexive       Redefine the World(An Understanding beyond “Continuous engagement”)
——abridged from Strategies for Creative Practice, Week 1+2, HSS 8120

It all starts from Marketing, or more specifically, the so-called “Green Marketing”.
Companies try to incorporate “green” ideas in making products, advertising and promotion as a response (Dennis and Harries, 2005:357).
But do they really act as what they assert to be?

Customers’ vanity has been satisfied when buying “green products”;
Companies’ profit has been increased due to “green promotions”;
Designers’ talent has been enjoyed due to marvoulous “green packaging”;
Then who cares what really happens?

—-Without thorough exposure about the producing process to the public, the transparency of the government policy regarding business supporting and planning, and the supervision from a trustworthy independent organization, the ideal media for instance, the “green” idea is another illusion.


Before being stimulated by “green” ideas and making unnecessary consumptions, try to be reflexive: Do I really need these products?—What is your motivation, vanity or something else?

Jump out of the “green” illusion and redefine the world you are staying with: which role are you playing in the whole society? Have you been as conscious as you THINK you might be?

Re-embrace the “green ideas” after all these introspection—-This time, your mind might become soberer.

I myself still believe in sustainability and environmentally friendly, but I would like to be more rational and, I believe there is a need for transparent communications among different organizations and groups, so as to make myself totally clear about what I’m doing, whether it’s consuming or designing. I would like to be a truly RESPONSIBLE citizen.


ASUS original white packaging+Wires+Paper Clip+Buttons&Beadings

Instead of buying a new mouse-pad, this one is made from the so-called recycling material from ASUS laptop packaging. Environmentally friendly as it is, no extra consumption is made and the style is in accordance with the purple color of the mouse. Plus, it is functionally useful, with a plastic circle as a hanger and the paper clips to fix the pen cap.

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