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Pellucid Publishing Presents


Pattern Bound Production




Binding Black Boxes


Hand-cut. Hand-lined. Hand-written. Hand-ordered. Hand-censored. Hand-bound.


Title Duel.

Truth is usually perceived in titles, titles being the summation and declaration of content. Thereby, which title stands true? The intended or the perceived?

Lewis and I developed a system of story evolution. In beginning the cycle simply base on the concept of ‘post-truth’, the first book was written and titled by Lewis, then without sharing the title read and interpreted by myself, who retitles the book, the new title inspiring the next story. However now a singular book dons two names. One being the author’s one being the reader’s.

Developed titles:

No.1: Vendit Vidit Mentitum   – – –   One Truth, One Lie
No.2: I Blame the Parents   – – –   Whose Gray
No.3: Watching Paint Dry    – – –   A Hell by Any Other Name
No.4: Science according to Dennis    – – –   In Fact and Flair
No.5: Words Taken    – – –   Escapism is an Art
No.6: Adventures in Arbitrary    – – –   Stan’s Kafka
No.7: Sans Content    – – –   Before, then If

Outlining Manifesto Chapters

4) Post-truth is not based in evidence (J)

  • evidence being proof not accusation
  • questioning ethical standards
  • questioning the standards of systems of law and deduction of falsehood
  • evidence itself lacks truth?

5) Post-truth is not subject to rationality (J)

  • inherent values cannot be confirmed
  • humanity versus rationality
  • if something is measurable it has been produced, being a flaw

7) Post-truth is not decisive (J)

  • post-truth is usually delivered decisively, content being indecisive
  • to elaborate is to avoid precision
  • adaptation versus decisiveness

8) Post-truth is not manageable (J)

  • truth is not controlled
  • managing the truth? the execution? the statements?
  • limitless interpretation



When the seemingly mundane and usually hidden act of binding is put to the forefront, how might the aesthetics of the presentation more literally bind across the content of said subject?

Lewis and I pursued the interest and the question:

How might content be both concealed and revealed in the binding of a book?

Founding Redactions

2015-12-08 14.34.56


In collaboration with Megan, redaction, censorship, concealing, and in the act therefore revealing. To develop systems of purposeful removal and obvious non-inclusion. To develop a piece of writing, where nothing can be an ‘is’, in fact and most clearly in truth all must be in ‘not’s. To deny and thereby bring into question is all that is potentially reliable in answering questions with ‘truth’. For no genuine statement can possess unquestionable truth, due to its nature as a statement of confirmation.

Additionally, to collaborate in creation for a written piece, holds new challenge. A potential for exploration, experimentation and reviewing role. To print, or to hand-bind. To challenge or to truth in bias systems. To write without allegation.

Above Ashley

In reference to To Be Presented, many ideas still remained.

Stories of apocalyptic religions regarding new heights. Of sexual restrictions, chemically so. As well as revived dinosaurs and humans on bikes.

Upon new religions, we wondered of new artefacts, one greater in holiness, purely from facts. If the world drowned, would you not rise higher? But to write stories in stages of such an object’s life, might bring about revelations in the world’s other devices and depictions of life. Perhaps, in wonderment we might find, more context behind a story devised through a card game.

Identifying Lewis

rough sketch

Creatures mean nothing without context, a context that has continually been provided by the past.

Strength ***

Intelligence ****

Finesse ****

Allure *****

Let me change my stats to suit my own, or change them to suit the norm. But what if, what if, your game only let the choice before the knowledge. I had no standards till they were bestowed on me. Do dragons hard, heal, rein or rain? I deem something beyond dragons, dwarfs, elves and fairies, create a new standing, for the previous now sit too high to too gone to be re-customed.

We talked, we reviewed, we planned and planned, but of course, nothing came for now. Wait though, I want to make games, here’s my chance to play.

To be Presented


When showing, its hard not to question what is being seen. Can they see it? Were words found, sounds heard, photos seen and stories reversed. Design more, when the questions are right, this display made everything seen, clearer, clearer now than before, for them and us. I changed nothing of mine own, to find these new things. I worked to play harder with these new toys, I’ve kept the music for later.

Stories, stories, I’m not sure what I’m good for here. All I have is ideas.

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