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Prototyping: Stage 3: Group Test

Group Test 2

This test was done with a group of people. To observe how people they might interact with it in natural settings, I did not explain it to them but asked them to explore it by themselves. After they finished, I asked for their feedback.

Observations and Feedback:

- Women’s long clothes covers the knob when they sit, which makes them unable to use it.
- Women close their legs when they sit. The position of the knob is not appropriate for them
- Screwing between legs in the public is an awkward act.
- Tall people have to bend down little bit to control the knob.
- Most people recognize the use of the knob after a while.
- One of them said that he though that the knobs were for controlling volume
- Some said that they will feel more relaxed if the knob was on the side.
- They start with changing their positions to figure out different patterns.
- Most people used their hands to activate other patterns.
- One of the participants showed another way of using the bench by laying on it to take a rest.
- Most of them said that they are willing to participate with strangers.
- Most of them said that they feel a non-verbal connection with other participants.
- One said that he felt that he was musically connected, but he also might give a comment with others.
- Some said that it makes them cross boundaries and close the space people normally leave between each other.
- One said that if a stranger came and sat next to him he will definitely stay more.
- One said that it would be more interesting if it had more visuals.
- Some of them said the lights will help them identify their sounds more easily.
- Some said it has the potential for one person to perform.
- One said that he will use it in another way if he was with fiends. They might lay down on one side of the bench.
- One said that he will accept it being installed for up to one month.
- Each participant differs in terms of the time he/she will spend on the bench.
- Some participants said that they find the experience relaxing and meditating.


PD Patch

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 00.08.09


The PD patch consists of:

  • Arduino to PD communication.
  • A loop of bangs.
  • Photoresistors banging mechanism.
  • Eight sets of patterns, each set consists of four unique patterns.
  • FSR Mechanism for choosing the set of patterns
  • Potentiometer control of midi values.
  • LED messages.
  • MIDI communication with Reason.

When the loop is running and a participant sets on the bench (a photoresistor is activated):

  • Based on the total weight of participants, a set of patterns will be selected, and the tempo will change.
  • Rhythmic bangs defined by the pattern will be sent with MIDI messages to Reason.
  • Those MIDI values are defined by participants through potentiometers.






Prototyping: Stage 3: Arduino Sketches

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 01.22.42 (1)

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