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Merging Networks and Audio

After a few discussions it has been suggested that I try to link the subjects of AV and Networking together.
For me the idea of doing so seemed hard as I have always regarded the two as completely different areas of work and interest. However, after talking with John I bought an induction coil.
The idea was to explore the electronic sounds of networking equipment, such as routers. Below is the first recording of a router with one laptop attached to it, loading videos off Vimeo:

Sonic Playgrounds


Found this guy’s work by accident, doing research for possible projects ideas.

With a few contact mics, a loop pedal, a projector and a LEAP Motion controller, Faire has essentially provided the surface tools to turn any hard, flat area into an instrument. Emphasis on the word “surface” in that last sentence, though. When live it seems to have remarkably few components, but its incorporation of Arduino processors and Piezo sensors and guitar pick-ups and music programs like Ableton Live and MAX/MSP weaves a richly complex series of behind-the-curtain computation–all of which are intrinsic to Contact’s portability and efficacy.


not bad if you’re into weird filters and have time to play:


much more interesting is this: