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FIN8010: bouncing balls, reflecting complex mental activities


The content of exhibition: This “bouncing balls” video consists of many of white balls bouncing on the black background. The aim is to use the different patterns and styles of the way they bouncing and leaping to visually interpret mysterious and complex human mental activities, exciting and fresh sound also play out with different stages in this video. The overall atmosphere was very mysterious, even a little bit tense, always grasped high attentions of audience.

The reason why the bouncing balls can artistically reflect abstracted psychological activities is both of them have the same feature. From my point of view, the complex mental activities generally do not have a regularity to trace, for example, when people have a rest after they complete the work then get home, what they will think? they may think what happened in yesterday, or childhood, unintentionally, then they mind will return back to empty, after this quick stage, they may start to think and image what kind of thing waiting for them to do tomorrow, and then they will empty again. The patterns of the processes is always casual and scattered, it is hard to trace. From my personal experience, I always tend to make up lots of love, thrill or detective stories when I was free, some of them just a twist from my daily life, and lot of times I even shocked and surprised, excited by those, then I enter a day dream state. More seriously, I find that I cannot control my mind and heart. From explanations of human minds and brains in Buddhism and other articles in mental science, I understand that most of people are the same with me: when some thoughts come up, rare people have abilities to control and recognise them immediately in a deeper way. So I would like to straightforward show others what I think of patterns of human mental activities by balls bouncing with each other.

I also negotiated of exhibiting site with others, my exhibition needs a dark place involving some feeling of cinema due to the nature of video footage. At first stage, I thought of exhibiting with other group members in tic room but then abandoned it, with the worry of decreasing the quality of exhibition. So it is only me to prepare and set up all the exhibition in whole room without any helps. I set three projections to project two walls (see below)

I borrow three laptop linked with three projections to work. And also use a big desk and three chair to support them. The position of projections are 1,2,3 in this picture, I set up a canvas for projection 1 for better quality. and projector I put 4 for projection 1, 5 for 3, and 6 for 2, the speaker I set in 4. In order to get around the big pillar in the middle of the room and the sink, and provide the surrounding effective impressions for the audience when they enter this room.



During the critique there is a problem that the whole smell of tic room is not good, plus the dark and terrified atmosphere lead to people were not willing to stay in this room for a long time even the whole public project finally turn out to be successful very much. Another problem is the beginning sound in 5-min videos may shock audience and people who have heart disease. But I was quite happy that many of visitors and colleagues gave me positive feedback in the end, they all said they like my exhibition very much.

exhibition statement:


A fragment. A glimpse. A squint to unveil the work of artists exploring painting, sculpture, textiles, sound and video. Geometric colourful shapes along with abstract moving images and experimental sculpture are brought together in SNIPPET. The works shown are manifested from the tensions between painting and sculpture, society and technology.

A central feature to this exhibit is the artwork emerged from the exploration of new approaches to the artists’ usual practices.

Whether they are textiles or paintings, Mirela Bistran’s works start guided by instinct and intuition. Then evolve into journeys of emotions and feelings expressed through lines and marks or cut-outs and stitches. Sometimes playful, sometimes shy or bold and other times solemn and melancholic, they take on a personality of their own.

Starting with collages, Jodie Dunnil creates 3D models that help her understand  the depth and illusion she later represents in painterly images that inhabit a space between figuration and abstraction. Her methodology explores the representation of space on a two-dimensional surface introducing sculpture and exploring ideas of perspective, depth and angle.

In a burgeoning momentum of excessive technological consumerism and electronic mediation, Bartira Sena‘s work attempts to juxtapose the idea of nature, spirituality and technology. Her installations create situations in which we experience alternative cultural representations.

Helen Shaddock’s playful approach invites us to enjoy surfaces, textures, forms and colour. Process is a central aspect to her practice, whereby she strives to make art that embraces chance and the unpredictable. Currently using coloured plaster, her work investigates dynamics between the audience and the space.

Yein Son is concerned in finding the right balance between consciousness and unconsciousness. She depicts images from the theme of absorption in art. Her artwork narrates with a confident mark, a very fluid and dynamic story that seems to have endless possibilities. In her new paintings, the atmosphere becomes more enigmatic and calligraphic.

Liying Zhao is motivated by her life experience and emotions which become the main characters in her artwork. She is interested in using video and different kinds of materials to create an illusory sense. The contrast between the real and the fantasy becomes more dramatic and amusing in her current artworks.

Interested in the bond between art and reality, Tan Zou creates documentaries about household affairs and level of societies. Currently based in Newcastle, the artist creates narratives through film and photography in an attempt to grasp the significance of her own experience in between two different cultures.

Qingchan Li explores the complexity of human emotions with an emphasis on enigma and horror.  The artist uses different shapes and patterns to explore the delicate mental activities of human beings. Using simple shapes she presents us a video in which the sound takes on the main role. The purpose is to embark us on a frightful experience.

PREVIEW: Tuesday 24th February, 2015 6 – 8pm  

25th – 27th February  9am – 5pm

Long Gallery, Project room, Tic Space.

Fine Art Department. School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle University

Newcastle upon Tyne. NE1 7RU.

my exhibition video:

public Facebook page:



preparation for exhibition


these are the few things i was engaging into in recent years, i now could show them to you and potentially,i think they could be exhibited in some ways.


I have a hobby of collection about some intense and scary images or videos. something like exploration of unknown ghost world, some bloody pictures or horror videos. the point is i think i can place different themes on different categories of these horrible images, i think what the scary done is they can make a big bomb on people’s mind when they look at them, and start ethnic or humane alarms. even more, to contribute the debate about some issues. such as abortion. i could show you now. the following images is from Internet maybe you have saw them before.

(but actually i think i need to ask you if you can receive them which are bloody babies screwed and splited by operation, its really cruel. so if someone cannot stand such kind of pictures please point out ahead i will not show them to you.)

And this is some ghost images. maybe it could help people to think and explore the unknow world.




jane want to kill herself…….

i havent find a way how to show this story. maybe we can investigate it more together.