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Paper Plane: Prototype


Thought beyond timeline:



Raw material: Giffgaff SIM Card paper packaging, with instructions on how to make a paper plan.

Support: ASUS Laptop White X553MA plastic* 15.6 Inch screen with black plastic* frame at the bottom.




(3). The Promotional image shown in 背包客栈(

2. Admission to Chongqing Childhood Kids Park, 2012

Extended reading (in Chinese):

(1) Comment on the fairness of the admission price:

(2) Pre-phase communications on enterprise album design:

3. Childhood game: Competitions on the quality of paper plane–which one can fly farther to Peking, (or somewhere else)?

Related event: Public Performance in the Foggy City Chongqing <雾季公演>


4. The badge of National Southwestern Associated University


Such an prototype is used to conceptualize a sculpture, and inspire in which shape it should be created, based on the aim that it is used to conjure unification, and build up feasible dreams.

Here is to initiate.


Defining Home—-Chapter 7: Prisons as Sources Where the Sense of Belonging Comes

It is mentioned that in American prisons, there is no access to internet, nor is there an unlimited freedom to obtaining books. Even relatives of prisoners are not allowed to get some to them.

Reference: Film <The Shawshank Redemption>.

In fact prisons have possessed nearly all that is required to describe the concept of home—concrete places, a group of people whom similar characteristics are shared among, disciplines/rules and even, harmonies where some real homes do not manifest themselves yet.

Moreover, what seems to be notified is that the function of prisons has gradually more and more digressed from its positive definition—-if one accepts that in this definition prisons should be used to provide a place for those, who are experiencing their own imperfect humanities and severely affect others’ right to live happily. The lack of manifestation towards this definition quite often finds its way in political cases where the ones who are put into prison do not, in fact, bear any such imperfection, but rather they are just losers of fierce political competitions, even though sometimes they are, in fact good politicians—-if here <good> is defined as having done something which is beneficial to the mass, though it might be short-term influence, or it might be at the sacrifice of the existing procedures and at the most, the laws.—These often are categorized as economic crimes, which however  are often under debate whether some extreme punishment should executed upon the criminals.

In the positive definition, prisons are obviously not prisons–part of <state apparatus> according to the classical Marxism.

Then in that case, do we need prisons?




Master Stage 2/Concrete Series 5: Pretty Concrete


The concrete is not just a type of material. In fact the word concrete can also be used as an adjective: Concrete Effect–Nail Varnish.

Here concrete effect does not only signify its concrete like colour–the grey colour, but also its nature/quality: Hard to wipe out, stubborn to stick. Concretely pretty–Pretty concrete.

Wooden Barriers: Joints and Fake Joints


Cinematography 3: Back to the Seriousness

Click here to view the embedded video.

Comparative architecture:

Semper’s Misinterpretation: The classic discourse by Semper about how to anatomize architecture, namely, the four elements including the hearth, the enclosure, the roof and the mound seems to be inappropriate when applying to Asian architecture, though he did made several examples from China. Furthermore, he elaborated this framework into his emphasis on tectonic thinking, which have been cited by the followers naming it “joint”—-this, however seems to be similar to the essence of ancient Chinese architecture.

  The integration: Unlike what Semper has asserted that the four elements manifest themselves as separated in China, the joint, most typically called mortise and tenon, shows its significance in connecting them, though many parts of them are hidden into the interior of a building (see below the parts underneath the roof that connect the beams and pillars). Thus rather than separating among one another, these four elements have been integrated by the joint, though in an implicit and invisible way from outside.

(Adapted from:

        The flexibility: Semper emphasizes the order in the real world that affect the organization of architecture, the order between the ruler and the ruled. Then he makes comparison to it on flexibility and agility and asserts they don’t exist in China. In fact, in China the flexibility is as common as the order and the joint part is exactly its manifestation. The barriers below are mainly comprised of the cuboids and the cylinder wooden dowels—as the joints. Though the latters are just the fake mortise and tenon, they do show some flexibility like the adjustment of the height, and the direction, depending on how the holes are drilled, and how many cuboids are used.

Back to the Seriousness:

Why are films made?—-to record something in order to remember perhaps.

Then what should be remembered in terms of the Ancient Chinese architecture—-these mere structures, or the creators of these structures?

Structures can still be found, at heritage sites, or be replicated,  based on sketches but those people—they will never be alive forever.

They should be remembered.

However within these group, people are not that the same, in terms of their background and social status. What’s more, they conflict against each other, just because of the social hierarchies. Then how  to incorporate them within one film and achieve the harmony?

It starts with the upper (at the post’s beginning),

and it might be harmonized through adding subtitles and sound effects.


Final outcome of ARC8016 Emergent Digital Design Methods

Solar Fern

I have unfortunately neglected to keep the updates of this module posted however over the past few weeks of semester 1 I was able to fabricate a prototype of the Solar Fern.
You can see some pictures below and read about it in this report:

Memorial 1: To be Transported

Untitled-1 copy


Year 2015: This is the start of the 5th year since the designer left Peking University, a place where she received her 4 years’ undergraduate education.

Memory Disk: FD-S258 8GB ED < Peking University Founder Information Industry Group < Founder Group

Shareholder Structure: Peking University 70% shares;  Senior Managers: 30% shares

Memorial—-Descriptive Illustration: The contour of the memory disk itself is similar to many memorials already existed in this world: Stand upright and made up of metal. But it might be quite rare to regard a memory disk as a memorial, since there are many arguments against it: Where is the exact site? What are the content—the carved words on or  around the surface of it, except Founder/FD-S258/ 8GB–the name of the group and the product parameter including the data storage volume? Would it be weird that it can be put vertically and even connected to any place (or any USB which it is compatible)– because theoretically monuments should stand still? What about what it has stored—-the hidden ones? Who knows what it wants to hide and one day be discovered?

Trial: On 9th January 2015, it will be transported to the reception of Newcastle University’s main architecture building, as a gift to Dr. Ian Thompson, one staff of the School of Architecture Planning & Landscape ( , to thank him for inspiring one of the designer’s projects.

In memory of : 20150104  4 senior managers were required to assist the inspection related to embezzlement (

To demonstrate: Peking University‘s revenue is allocated mainly by the Ministry of Finance, People’s Republic of China. It is currently—-state owned.


“We Do Auto Right!“ 1: Limousine, Ugly



Limousine, Ugly


The Good, the Bad, the Arch. (1)


(A) Technique Review (Photoshop) and (A) Serendipity (A)


The ruler was picked up at Robinson Library. These are how it is recovered, with technique and Photoshop technology:

But still the difficulty is: How to keep the texture on its surface intact?


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