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electronic plank. Pins with taut rubber bands, amplified by a contact mic and controlled with pd.


live hacking

Desk research

Interesting and unusual perception of ritual objects. This proximity between spirituality and technology, human made materials is not new but good source of inspiration to re-think about ourselves.


To create an environment of collaboration and involvement of others I am using the workshop or "playshop" strategy to address the 'whats', 'whys' and 'hows' in regards to rituals.

I am aware the word 'ritual' might bring a lot of meaning I'm not necessary interested in exploring. My perspective is of rituals as social activities, moments where people can socialize, share information, feed human sense of belonging, deal with their problems and get help, from practical to spiritual.

My project then will attempt to design some kind of social activity that plays similar purposes in a person's life and is mediated by technology.

My first sketches of what could be addressed and discussed during the workshops are to find strategies to define rituals such as, for example:
i. define rituals in 5 words.
ii. if ritual was a movement what would it be.
iii. create a simple set of tasks to be performed by 2 people.
iiii. thinking through metaphors.

These are the strategies I thought of so far to try and facilitate social interaction and create connections between people.


The solenoids and relays. A quite mechanical technology using cheap materials such as wire, plastic tubes, iron nail to create a magnetic field that can be used to activate mechanisms. Quite interesting and useful.


Combining sound healing therapy methods to establish a dialogue with other communities, re- signifying African cultural knowledge and cultures in the modern age digital mediated context.

The African surrealism. The last video shows a demonstration by the vodun practice in West Africa that has been spread to the Americas during Slavery times and from which a wide range of cultural, musical and Art practices have derived all over the world.

Readings and Info:
D.G.Kelley, R. Freedom Dreams. 2002. Boston, USA.

Afrofuturist Pictures Slideshow


Lucky Dragons is an electronic music and art duo from the US. They make interesting use of technology to engage the audience into performing with them and at times, have an organic approach to create devices with puredata in order to produce sound through touch. I like the nearly ritualistic settings their performances sometimes have.

Ryan Jordan's DIY approaches to technology and choices of subject such as supernatural, sound induced trance, the use of organic materials also inspire me in the conception of this installation performance space.

Quick update. Away for the Holidays I came to very silent place where soundscapes can be defined by the white noise of the wind or indoors by the earmarks of clocks' ding dongs, kettle's boiling water. Sound as therapy came back is an interesting idea I could take inspiration from for this project.

Working with communities or setting up small research groups who could take part in a performance to design a dynamics to operate the installation came as effective possibility. After presenting a paper at the Non- Places Conference organized by the Interdisciplinary Group, in an attempt to think a little further about installation spaces, I see the importance to have an interdisciplinary approach where notions of performance, space, History and culture, as well as digital media collaborate to give sense to this project.
The Newcastle University Post- colonial research group, the Performance Research group and Culture Lab's Digital Interaction group are important groups I would like to contact in order to create a small research group that could offer me insight and take part together with me to develop a dynamics to 'operate' the installation space and generate soundscapes.


Another suggestion by Ben Freeth, the sound artist Zimoun's work came as great inspiration as artworks making use of simple everyday materials, simple circuitry and more organic Aesthetics.

Zimoun : Compilation Video 3.3 from STUDIO ZIMOUN on Vimeo.


Here is a photo of the last Arduino workshop we had with Ben Freeth. I liked how he related machines to us, as entities who need things to be provided or connected to be able to perform anything. It clicked something in my head. Trying to talk to machines is finally growing onto me.
This was connecting Arduino to puredata using 2 pots to control a pair of headphones turned mics.


This is an interesting and extremely relevant research on indigenous peoples and new media. An attempt to centre indigenous cultures and sovereignty through the lens of new technologies and reflecting upon the needs and interests of these communities. Very interesting indeed and a piece of work I'm definitely taking as source of inspiration to produce my work and approach my own ethnic community.


Following the first paper prototypes made, I have put them to the test. Pictures as follows. Though in a very informal and playful manner, my colleagues tried the prototypes and gave them slightly different use or no use at all for some of the prototypes.

The one I named whip heal was used not as a whip but more as a pencil in a very gentle way. It was also used as something to massage the head.

The brush heal was related by one of the users to the pom pom sticks used in karaoke sessions to salute people or compliment them for a good performance. There wouldn't be any contact involved and the device would be waved in the air.

The one I named scan heal with the two kind of wings on it didn't meet an use idea during the brief encounter I had with the users and should be re- thought of or given to other users to try.

In conversations with other people the idea to give the device a clinical look emerged. As a way to approach user to the concept of healing. I'm not sure about it as I see healing/curing and medical as very different things. Though they imply treatments I see them very differently and think by relating these devices to western medicine I might distance people rather than encouraging them to engage with it. The idea of western medicine implies disease while natural healing implies a cure in a spiritual level, beyond physical and much deeply.

Another session should organized to further try the prototypes change them and decide whether drop some of the ideas. Thanks Meteor, Yousif, Clive and Edmund.


I must say my initial interest was to create a piece of art and perhaps perform it or get the audience to perform with it. It's not that simple. Thoughts concerning the role of the user started to appear, so I've decided to create some prototypes to test and see where it takes me.

I believe media and technology should not only exist to entertain or turn our lives more practical. It should also encourage us to do or think about things we don't normally do and that would probably be great if we did.

Engaging in such an ancient activity such as a ritual provides crucial opportunity to reflect and perhaps re- imagine it. There are also so many implications for this project. Meditation. Sound healing. Ritualistic activity. Technology vs Human ancient knowledge.

Exploring other senses becomes a priority. How to bring back attention to listening and smelling to a world constantly guided by seeing. I've been thinking a lot about Hearing impairment because not hearing forces people to feel sound, vibration then takes form and couldn't be more representative of what sound could be. And for those who can't see, engaging with sound is even easier, because the listening capability becomes much better developed.

However, on my research for technological objects and technology embedded devices to be used in the context of ritual or healing experience, I begin to wonder how this device should look like. I have a personal experience in African religious practices and Indigenous shamanism, their aesthetics and dynamics appeal to me. How to bring this reference to the context of a heavily mediated society, using a code this society is able to understand.

Some paper and other material's prototypes:



{image 18


Rituals are probably the most ancient acts of performance we could think of. These simple sets of actions can create a special sense of belonging and shared focus inherent for us human beings to co-exist in the world. However, is it always a conscious collaborative effort or is it a tandem of tensions trying to achieve an equilibrium?

If rituals are the most ancient performances, the shrines are the oldest consciously manufactured sceneries we could think of. A space specially created to engage people into a performance. Where different elements and objects gain special meanings and representation.

How would a spiritual ritual in this technological era would look like?


Touch- sensors. Human flesh and components dialogues...


..magic, spirits, entities, deities all inhabiting other dimensions, amplitudes, frequencies. It always flip my mind to think of equipments and devices which can generate or tune in to these frequencies and translate them into sound and image...

Some youtube videos in the subject

Time- machine, science measuring time, everything that exists is contained in time. If time contains everything, a time- machine= oscilloscope seems to be a fascinating concept to me.

Also today I found out about the LED kimono from sound artist and musician Miya Masaoka. An interesting if not inevitable idea I'm very keen on. In relating cultural aspects and media and put them to dialog. Media and folk. Media as folk?Folk media?

A quick online research took me to this

Reflections on media and alternatives common people discovered to empower themselves and respond back to companies and capitalist ideals. The author of the articles goes talking about games and musicals. He cites Levi- Strauss

Jane Feuer writes, "Claude Levi-Strauus has used the term bricolage to describe the cognitive processes of 'folk' culture, cultures which are prescientific. For Levi-Strauss, primitive thought is a kind of intellectual bricolage. In creating their cultural and intellectual artifacts, primitive people make use of materials-at-hand, which may or may not bear any relation to the intended project but which appear to be all they have to work with.""

That got me thinking about the representations of compost media, diy, devices such as arduino which allow us to put pretty much put any media technology to communicate with the other making use of elements very much embedded in our lives and socities, existence. The components, the circuits, the electricity. Are we the media folk? Which in a not- so distance future will have deeply intrincated in our memories our most rudimentary background of organic materials, but in an iminent future will be surrounded by technology and media, old and new, always at hand, as the only future we know?Aren't we the media folk, like digital natives are digital natives?


....imagining possibilities of strengthening a ritualistic sound enduced more organic experience...I thought of adding smell/odour to some sphere of it... I searched the oracle and...


James Watts performance talk talk performance @ Hexham. The power of chanting, ritualistic trance inducing words and voice entonation to generate sound. Thanks James for dissolving meanings into words into sound into meaning.
and brought to us by

Lecture 22/01/14 by James Watts


Jane Dudman
Domestic Spaces

...from ordinary conversations I could hear beautiful melodies...harmonies...mesmerizing short lived compositions out of repetitive loops about stoves, elegance and a mutant dog sort of thing...
Thanks Jane.
...from one of the characters featured I imagine what use a woman could give to a shaving brush- "a masculine object"-...what use can a man give to the mooncup- "a feminine object"...



...introducing...the Culture Lab ongoing Theme evolving together with a project and increasing in drama accordingly...

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