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Welcome to Newcastle—-A City of Sanctuary

Full ideas can be found here:

Action plan:

1. Apply the Funding from the Arts Council England

2. Liaise Newcastle University’s Robinson Library, Fine Art Department in the School of Arts and Cultures,  School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, City of Sanctuary (a charity)’s School of Sanctuary Initiative in Newcastle city, and Newcastle’s City Council to implement the scheme.

3. Create a proper visiting plan for refugees, the identity cards, the afterwards interview, the settling, the feedback, the tracking record for their future status after the visit, with excellent event management skills

(E) Technique Review (no) Photoshop: Com/Going Back Home


Let’s play treasure hunting game and find the way back/towards home.

The winner can fill the colour in the frame and then choose a room to hang it on.

All @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.

This process is how the healing effect works—-finding way back/towards home, sometimes is also a process of curing the scar in one’s heart.

Here, the split paper edge represents the refugees’ psychological trauma, such as PTSD.

This map and drawing blueprint derives from Cadbury World’s outreach brochure. It emphasizes the spirit of community.

Defining Home—-Chapter 8: Special Collections 之 20th Century Pamphlet Exhibition

Full contents can be found:

Initiate the VI System for Newcastle University,

The Brochure Label

If it is needed:

The size of the brochure label can be zoomed depending on how large the actual brochures are; The Special Collections label is to stick on the support of the postcards going to be exhibited. It is 4 (h)*7 (w) cm large; There is a need to consult with UK’s new government after the recent election, about whether such a postal card design is permitted or not  (

All in all, these should all belong to the Newcastle University’s potential VI system. They follow a Red (RGB: 232, 40, 44) and a Blue (RGB: 0, 74, 130) principle, which should be in accordance with the university’s coat of arms. However, the exact setting of such a red and blue needs to be confirmed by the university’s marketing and outreach department or equivalent.

The Special Collection Case @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.



In order to let the <20th Century Pamphlets> (the name of one special collection in the library) souvenirs be clearly noticed by the visitors, including the bookmarks, the brochures and the postcards. It would be helpful if each of the three glass boards is moved up until the top one reaches the ceiling of the case. Then Unload the top one and reload it above the ground of the case in a position where it can separate the current layout on the ground floor, and the ones going to be exhibited, namely, the Prototype. Thus the Prototype will be shown on the new second floor counting from the ground.









The current structure makes it easy to adjust due to its flexible assembly on the wall. Simply pull it out and then plug into a proper height following the instructions above.

The Printer Case @ Robinson Library, N.C.L.




What needs to be adjusted is the height of the two glass boards within: In order to let the Prototype exhibition (which will be put on the ground floor within the case), especially the label part (an A4 paper with about 50 degrees’ angle to the ground) be conveniently noticed from above, these two boards need to be moved up at least 10 cm.  Here is the exhibition:

Here is the detail of the label:

Here is the details of the document on the printer:

Note: N.C.L. is short for Newcastle University upon Tyne

What Do We Benefit from Cross-Strait (Re)unification?

Unnamed QQ Screenshot20150514111344

Take, the creative enterprise into consideration:

DOMO is a Taiwanese team in game industry, whose production is second to none, largely due to the typical and classical Chinese elements it manages to incorporate into the creating process. What’s more, such elements have magical effects, fabricating virtual narratives that always echo with what is happening in reality.

What is upset however, is the fact that due to the current political tensions, the PC game issue from Softstar Entertainment Inc. (where DOMO works for and with) can not achieve a really free and equal entry cross Taiwan strait. This means, for customers from the Mainland China (let’s temporarily call it like this), a delay in obtaining such game products. Due to this, some crazy fans have to instead, consume the pirates, which harm both the economic interests and intellectual property of the company.

Thus from this fact, it is obvious what we can benefit from Cross-Strait (Re)unification.

Here are the details which shows at the beginning.




PRECISION is what has been pursued.




One most important thing is lost:



Creative Enterprise 2(1): Let the Justice Do!



Recommended reading:


Please contact the author for further translation and interpretation.

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