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Total Bombardment


A blog about blogging.

Prepare for total bombardment!! I haven’t blogged in a wee while but there is lots to tell!!

I realise I haven’t blogged about anything I have been working on pre/post post-truth so I have plans to drop all retrospective bits n bobs on you in the coming days. Yippeeeeee.

Object Of Distraction

Tools To Distract

Initially I intended on exhibiting the tat I have been creating of the course of the project. Mainly as a means to distract and confuse you about what the project is really about whilst I talk my way through it.

It seems that setting up an exhibition may logistically difficult, given that we are presenting in a different building from usual and also I feel presenting bits n bobs of crappy art may be underwhelming and I don’t want to let you get too close to my art-work, I feel you will see my lack of effort too easily. Best for work is seen from the perspective I choose.

My new plan is to distract and confuse you with something unrelated and mundane…I’m thinking of cutting my toenails whilst talking you through my project.We will see how that goes down…

The Manifesto – Explained

The points in the manifesto correlate directly with my understandings of post-truth from the research and rooting around I did at the beginning of the project.

Here is a little breakdown of each point-

no. 1 – Post Truth art uses the space between people as its medium

It’s clear from the definition of post-truth that the phrase relates to emotion, intuition and the psychology of belief. The invisible human forces.

no.2 – Post Truth art does not concern itself with the opinion of experts

Relating to the quote from Michael Gove, Conservative politician and former Secretary of State for Education, “people in this country have had enough of experts.”

no.3 – Post Truth art has the utmost conviction

To hoodwink 50% of a nation you must be good at lying or believe the lie yourself because you don’t know otherwise. This relates to, well all tales that have been told and later revoked in an attempt to gain votes. (Nigel Farages’ £350 million per week/NHS gaff being one of them)

no.4 – Post Truth art does not strive for perfection it strives for deception

To trick the public into a particular way of thinking by concealing information or publicly lying in order to sway opinion. A common tool used by our politicians. Also relating to journalism and colouring the truth in an attempt to sell papers or attract clicks.

no.5 – Post Truth art should excite yet leave the consumer and artist feeling empty, confused and mis-sold         

Post-truth news/media is designed to get the blood pumping, to appeal to our hopes and fears and nothing in between but it usually goes nowhere, a fleeting rumour, a sensationalised scoop that explodes all over social media and is then forgotten as quickly as it came around.

no.6 – Post Truth art is unconsidered

Post-truth politics, news and information is not concerned with offending people.

no.7 – Post Truth art works to a dinnertime deadline

The pace of news has increased rapidly thanks to its digital evolution and the rate of social media news sharing. Journalism has suffered under the growing pressure of getting seen in a sea of online news articles and the need for having the headline that deserves that sought after click. Reel the stories out quickly and often to keep the reader engaged seems to be the current business model…chasing down cheap clicks at the expense of accuracy.

no.8 – Post Truth art does not require skill to be successful just exposure

Post-truth news, celebrity and information is made credible by exposure. To be bombarded with the presence of a particular subject makes it prominent and hard to ignore. You are forced to have an opinion and it becomes irreversibly recognisable.

no.9 – Post Truth art does not stand for anything

Of the information and news that is changeable and favours the current mood.

no.10 – Post Truth art can and will contradict the points in this manifesto as often as possible

Relating to the unreliable information and news the is common in the journalistic landscape, predictably contradictory from one day to the next.

The Manifesto – Layout

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 16.28.13


One thing that must been mentioned is that I used 4 fonts!! Normally I live by the rule of never more than 3 fonts in a document. The f**king rule book has gone out the window!!

Essentially there is no true layout for the document. I’m normally a layout freak, everything in its right place, symmetrical, logical. I’ll move text a little to the right a little to the left…put it back where it started. It takes me long time. I started that process whilst putting the manifesto together then I remembered point number 5 of Post Truth Art A Manifesto – Post Truth art is unconsidered. After that I tried my best to be random..




Artist or Idiot

I’ve been having doubts.

I have told myself that I must have the utmost conviction in the project and just carry it on regardless but every now and the facade slips and I start having doubts about whether this project has any value.

The point is to deceive and one of the major things I have been having trouble with is my own doubt creeping in and telling me this whole thing is a load of rubbish…which it is. And I guess it is meant to be. But I do worry that I can’t present work that I knowingly feel is crap or executed badly. Lying is hard.

Also battling with the fact that I feel I’m not doing anything wholly productive, making a lot of things that have no meaning and trying to give them meaning. I’m still getting used to replacing the facts with my new post truth values…


Validate Me

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 15.21.24




One of my collections of Post Truth art entitled Void consist of randomly selecting people from the street, deleting them and sending them to an abyss where I never have to see them again!!

So I popped out on a lunch break and took some unconsidered photos. It was only when I uploaded them and had a look at what I had taken did I decide why they had to be deleted from existence.

According to my post-truth artist values of course.

Someone was eating a McDonalds, she had to go.

Someone shopped at Tesco, he had to go.

Someone else was peddling Virgin Media in the street, he had to go…


Who Am I.

Alien Face

In the response to an earlier post about investigating post-truth as a person I decided to have a go at creating some alter egos to perhaps figure out who I am as this new Post Truth artist, I’m interested in not recognising myself as this new character.. I am a hoarder of wigs so I donned a few, manipulated my face with tape and a bit of photoshop.

If You Shout It Loud Enough


If I shout loud enough will I be an artist?? I decided to take my ‘art’ to the streets as an attempt to self-validate my statement. I AM AN ARTIST and I want the world to know.

In keeping with idea of producing only quick, unconsidered work (and in this case inconsiderate) I hashed together a badly drawn stencil (my first attempts started off neat and measured but had to remind myself of the point ) and wandered the streets at midnight with a spray can.

Whilst painting I realised my stencil wasn’t shouting loud enough and looked minuscule on the expanse of a big wall. I went freehand. It felt good. 




I’ve recorded myself saying ‘great’ over and over again as a little exercise in semantic satiation. I thought I probably wouldn’t use it for anything but Trump says ‘great’ a lot so I will botched together a little video in homage to him.

I really didn’t want to include trump in this translation of post-truth but I feel its pretty unavoidable….He becomes president on the day of the presentation after all.

In an attempt to find segments of video with Donald Trump declaring to ‘Make America Great Again’ I watched a tonne of pro-Trump propaganda, so much that it’s hard not to understand the why people rooted for him so much….seems like a stand up guy…